Europe’s leading insurance conference

13 – 14 November 2019 | QEII Centre, London

“This is the big one where anybody who is anyone gets together once a year.” CEO, Konsileo

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Where incumbent and insurtech worlds collide

The very best of the insurance industry comes together from across the globe for two jam-packed days to challenge the traditional world of insurance. With 4 stages of content, over 120 speakers and 800+ attendees the potential to learn, boost business and grow your network is huge.


Donald Lacey, Ping An Group

Donald Lacey

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Ping An

Penny James, Direct Line Group, Insurance Innovators Summit

Penny James

Chief Executive Officer, Direct Line Group

Tulsi Naidu, Zurich, Insurance Innovators Summit

Tulsi Naidu

Chief Executive Officer, UK, Zurich

Cristina Nestares, Admiral

Cristina Nestares

Chief Executive Officer, UK, Admiral

Graeme Howard, Covea, Insurance Innovators Summit

Graeme Howard

Chief Technology and Information Officer, Covéa Insurance

Philippe Vayssac, Groupama

Philippe Vayssac

Chief Innovation Officer, Groupama

Beth Maerz, Travelers

Beth Maerz

SVP, Platform, Customer Experience and Innovation, Travelers

Hassan El Shabrawishi, AXA

Hassan El Shabrawishi

Chief Executive Officer, Africa Holding, AXA

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Day One Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Day Two Thursday, 14 November 2019

Welcome address and chair's opening remarks | 09.00 - 09.15

Session 1

The insurance evolution or revolution? | 09.15 - 10.55

Keynote address

Insurance in 2020: prediction and priorities for the year ahead

Penny James, Direct Line Group, Insurance Innovators Summit
Penny James

Chief Executive Officer , Direct Line Group

Keynote address

Facing the ‘Amazon-moment’ head on: succeeding in the age of innovation

Cristina Nestares, Admiral
Cristina Nestares

Chief Executive Officer, UK , Admiral

The power of distraction

The links between certain driving behaviours, such as excessive speed and aggressive driving, and claims frequency are well known. However, the even larger risk factor of mobile phone distraction is often overlooked. In this session, Matthew Chalk from The Floow will explain how to measure this important risk factor, which will ultimately lead to increased profitability.

Matt Chalk, The Floow
Matt Chalk

EMEA Sales Director , The Floow

Leaders’ forum

Navigating the changing insurance landscape

  • What is the boardroom most concerned with heading into 2020?
  • Should innovation be the top priority?
  • Unpacking the current insurtech landscape: where does the industry stand now?
  • Answering the calls for simplicity and convenience: where are the biggest changes being made?
  • Tech and innovation in commercial lines: what advancements have been made over the past year?
  • Where is insurance still falling short? What can be done to catch up with other industries?
  • What does the recent trend in M&As say about the future shape of the market?
  • Ecosystems: fad or future?

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, Tapoly, Insurance Innovators Summit
Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

Chief Executive Officer and Founder , Tapoly

Yannis Korgialos, Munich Re
Yannis Korgialos

European Commercial Director , Munich Re Digital Partners

Simon Burtwell, EY
Simon Burtwell

UK Insurance Advisory Leader , EY

Hassan El Shabrawishi, AXA
Hassan El Shabrawishi

Chief Executive Officer, Africa Holding , AXA

Session 2

Distribution | Claims | Insurtech Strategy | Cyber | 11.25 - 13.05

Coral Stage | New frontiers in insurance distribution
Jade Stage | The tech revolution in claims | Chair: Manjit Rana, Managing Director, Corporate Innovation, Rainmaking
Insurtech Zone | The secrets of start-up success
Breakout Room | Cyber insurance in focus
Case study | Konsileo

Beyond traditional brokerage: value-added distribution in commercial insurance

In a world where risk is becoming increasingly complex, the onus is on brokers to up their game and become expert risk advisors. This case study will show delegates how Konsileo has met the demands of businesses through combining expert risk advisors with its data-enabled insurance broking platform. Explore how broking is now more than simply selling and the ways in which brokers can really add value to clients.

John Warburton, Konsileo
John Warburton

Chief Executive Officer and Founder , Konsileo

Case study | Bean

Managing your personal finances made easy: from smart notifications to quick switching

With the Bean app, customers can easily find, track and manage their bills and subscriptions. Bean can also find its customers cheaper deals and help them to switch in order to save money. Automatic and quick switching is increasingly popular in the utilities industry, but how might this business model be applied to insurance? What are the possible implications? Hear from the CEO and founder of Bean; find out more about what the company is doing and what the future holds for this exciting venture.

Peter Myatt, BGL
Peter Myatt

Associate Director - Open Banking , Bean

Distribution simplified: exploring embedded insurance

In this presentation, delegates will have the chance to hear how the unique distribution strategy of embedding insurance can lead to profitable results. Find out how a distribution network can work for insurers, the wider business value and what it means for the customer relationship.

Any channel, anytime, anywhere: distribution innovated for modern insurance

Michael DeGusta, ClarionDoor
Michael DeGusta

Chief Executive Officer , ClarionDoor

Panel discussion and digital brainstorm

Delivering ‘extreme convenience’ through alternative distribution models

  • Convenience is key: which new distribution models are most likely to take off with the customer?
  • From banking market places to brokers: which distribution channels make the most commercial sense?
  • To what extent will automatic switching revolutionise insurance as we currently know it?
  • Value-added distribution: how can insurers and brokers take on the challenge?
  • The challenge of embedding: is regulation likely to prevent embedded insurance taking off?
  • Owning the customer relationship: will this begin to lessen in importance over the next 5 years?
  • How will new distribution models affect fraud levels?

Anthony Sutcliffe, Cover Genius
Anthony Sutcliffe

Director of Insurance , Cover Genius

Louise O'Shea - speaking at Insurance Innovators Motor 2018
Louise O’Shea

Chief Executive Officer ,

Gavin Sewell, Honcho
Gavin Sewell

Chief Executive Honcho , Honcho Markets

Gzegorz Podlesny, Sollers Consulting
Grzegorz Podleśny

Partner , Sollers Consulting

Laura Mullaney | Insurance Innovators
Laura Mullaney

Digital Proposition Associate Director , BGL

Making the Lemonade claims model a mainstream reality

  • Leveraging data analytics and automation to deliver a superior claims experience for all
  • Managing spend: how to ensure ROI on your investments
  • How can the claims journey be used to drive loyalty?
  • Turning fraud detection on its head: using new technologies to find genuine claimants

Andrew Morrish

UK GI Claims Director , Aviva

Spotlight on fraud 

How to save £64.75m: lessons from Allianz’s counter fraud success

In 2018, Allianz had another record year for counter fraud success, despite fraud levels increasing across the board. This case study will give delegates the chance to explore the strategies adopted by Allianz’s fraud team, particularly at the point of claim, from its investment in digital solutions to the rigorous training of its highly skilled workforce.

Nicholas Kelsall, Allianz
Nicholas Kelsall

Fraud and Technical Claims Manager , Allianz

Case study | Warta

Test and learn: running an I pilot to improve claims efficiency

Warta has recently begun tests using artificial intelligence to detect damage in cars. In this case study, delegates will get the chance to hear the step-by-step process adopted by Warta to improve the efficiency of its claims handling; from launching a competition to find the right technology partner, to integrating new technology into current claims processes and ultimately developing a rigorous pilot scheme that can be rolled out across the board. Find out the key lessons that have been learnt and what’s next for this claims transformation journey.

adam fulneczek photo
Adam Fulneczek

Managing Director Claims Strategy Department , WARTA

Digital transformation in insurance: the impact of next-generation data across the policy life cycle

Geoffrey Andrews speaking at Insurance Innovators: Counter Fraud
Geoffrey Andrews

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer , Carpe Data

Panel discussion

Digital transformation of the end-to-end claims process

  • From multichannel FNOL to digital claims status tracking: is enough being done to deliver for the customer at each point of the claims journey?
  • Where can the biggest gains in claims efficiency be leveraged across both personal and commercial lines?
  • What are the key ingredients for successful claims automation?
  • Finding the right tech balance: how can insurers effectively integrate new technologies with the right level of human interaction?
  • What challenges do insurers face when implementing a new tech strategy?
  • How do these challenges differ between personal and commercial lines?
  • How can these obstacles best be tackled?

Andrew Moore, RSA
Andrew Moore

Director of Pet Claims , RSA

David Fineberg, Generali
David Fineberg

Head of Claims , Generali

Martin Ashfield, AXA
Martin Ashfield

Claims Director , AXA

Geoffrey Andrews speaking at Insurance Innovators: Counter Fraud
Geoffrey Andrews

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer , Carpe Data

How By Miles rebuilt car insurance

In this session, delegates will get to hear from one the UK’s most exciting and disruptive start-ups, By Miles. By Miles is the fastest growing provider of annual car insurance in the UK and has the highest Trustpilot rating of any annual car insurance provider. Hear about the steps that have led to By Miles’ success, the challenges it faced and the lessons learnt along the way.

James Blackham, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, By Miles
James Blackham

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , By Miles


The ins and outs of insurer-insurtech partnerships

  • Defining the common goal: the importance of aligning interests from the very beginning
  • Defining individual remits: knowing who does what
  • How can you bring together the insurer vs. insurtech timelines?
  • Keeping innovation alive: when must incumbents hold back?
  • How can you build trust between organisations?
  • Communication is key: advice for open and meaningful interactions
  • How do you avoid a breakdown in communication?
  • Key lessons: what’s the best advice you can give to start-ups and incumbents hoping to partner successfully?

Tobias Taupitz, Insure A Thing | Counter Fraud 2019 | Insurance Innovators
Tobias Taupitz

Chief Executive Officer and Founder , Laka

Mark Budd, Zurich
Mark Budd

Head of Innovation , Zurich

Alex Rainey, Pluto | Counter Fraud 2019 | Insurance Innovators
Alex Rainey

Chief Executive Officer , Pluto

Lessons in achieving scale

The key to success for any start-up is scaling up. Building internal capabilities, securing funding, developing a team and growing your customer base are all crucial, but how can this be achieved? Find out the steps that have led to success, the challenges disruptors face and the lessons learnt along the way.


Ask the investors

In this session, delegates will have the chance to ask our expert panel of investors their burning questions. This is your chance to find out more about popular trends in the industry, the future of investment and funding, what advice they would give to start-ups and more!

Eos Venture Partners is a Strategic Venture Capital Fund focused on insurance. Eos invests in early and growth stage insurance technology businesses whilst working closely with our Limited Partners to accelerate their innovation strategy.

Established in 1997, Idinvest Partners is a leading pan-European Private Equity firm. With €8bn under management, the firm successfully supports the growth of companies by financing them through its several complementary areas of business expertise: Venture & Growth Capital, Private Debt and Private Funds Group.

Munich Re Ventures is the strategic venture capital arm of Munich Re. Since 2015 it has worked closely with Munich Re’s businesses across the globe to fund and partner with the best companies for creating the future of risk transfer. Munich Re Ventures is a stage-agnostic investor but its preference is Series A and B. Munich Re Ventures likes to lead and co-invest with strong syndicates without geographical limitations.

Sam Evans, Eos Venture Partners
Sam Evans

Founding Partner , Eos Venture Partners

Chloe Giard, Idinvest
Chloé Giard

Investment Director , Idinvest Partners

Sophie Dingreville
Sophie Dingreville

Investment Director , Munich Re

The secrets to cyber sales success

  • Determining the key drivers for cyber insurance sales for SMEs
  • Exploring the Cyber Sales Performance Index: success stories so far
  • What is the crucial criteria for sales success?

Bengt Von Toll, Munich Re
Bengt Von Toll

Head of Cyber, Europe and Latin America , Munich Re

The growth of personal cyber insurance

  • Mapping out the market: what’s the current demand for personal cyber insurance and what’s the growth potential?
  • Boosting demand: what’s likely to be most affective?
  • From identity theft to fraud: defining threats to the individual
  • Creating the right cover: how can risk be accurately assessed?
  • Making cyber insurance a profitable line of business: what are the crucial considerations?

Anthony Cordonnier, Swiss Re, Insurance Innovators Summit
Anthony Cordonnier

Head of Cyber Product Management , Swiss Re

Deep dive

The intricacies of underwriting complex cyber risk

Experts predict the commercial cyber insurance market will be worth $8bn-$9bn by 2020, but there are extreme uncertainties and a range of challenges that face insurers in the midst of this massive growth potential. In this session, delegates will have the chance to explore in depth the complexities of underwriting commercial cyber insurance policies. From cyber modelling to underwriting best practice, this session will equip you with the latest insights and tools needed succeed in the face of the ever-evolving cyber threat

Speaker placeholder
Stephen Ridley

Cyber Underwriting Manager , Hiscox

Panel discussion + Q&A

Delving into the cyber landscape of tomorrow

  • How can insures win in tomorrow’s cyber insurance market?
  • The problem of flawed products: is this a major issue in the industry right now?
  • Getting broker buy-in and understanding: strategies for success
  • What does best practice look like and how can common pitfalls be avoided?
  • Delivering a robust incident response: a recipe for success
  • Anticipating rapid change: what strategies can be adopted to help insures stay one step ahead?
  • Getting clients on-board: how can underinsurance be tackled?

Sean Letz, Marsh
Sean Letz

Senior Vice President of Cyber , Marsh

Neil Arklie, Aviva
Neil Arklie

Head of Cyber , Aviva

Anthony Cordonnier, Swiss Re, Insurance Innovators Summit
Anthony Cordonnier

Head of Cyber Product Management , Swiss Re

Speaker placeholder
Stephen Ridley

Cyber Underwriting Manager , Hiscox

Session 3

Platforms & Ecosystems | IoT | Insurtech pitches | 14.20 - 16.00

Coral Stage | From platforms to ecosystems: opening up the world of insurance
Jade Stage | Insurance in the age of IoT
Insurtech Zone | Insurtech pitches
Case study | Ping-An

One account discovering new territories beyond insurance: exploring an ecosystem strategy

Chinese insurance giant, Ping An, serves more than 350 million online customers through its single portal called the One Account. Through this portal, customers can access a plethora of products and services, from healthcare consultations and real estate listings, to banking services and automotive sales. Through broadening its scope of offerings, the insurer has in turn increased traffic to its core services. Find out how Ping An built its ecosystem and explore how this mega success story could influence the future of insurance in other markets.


Donald Lacey, Ping An Group
Donald Lacey

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer , Ping An

Capitalising on ‘open insurance’: expanding the horizons of innovation with robust data strategies

Rene Schoenauer, Guidewire
René Schoenauer

Product Marketing Director, EMEA , Guidewire Software

Panel discussion

Sectors without borders: the role of insurers in an ecosystem-led future

  • Becoming a platform versus integrating with a platform: which option suits insurers best?
  • ‘Insurance as a platform’: is this beyond the realms of possibility?
  • What’s the business the case for integrating on to another platform?
  • How will platforms affect the customer relationship?
  • What lessons can be learnt from the banking industry?
  • Beyond the platform model: are ecosystems the future?
  • How must insurers prepare for the platform economy?
  • From Asia to Europe: can the success of Ping An be replicated in other markets?

Donald Lacey, Ping An Group
Donald Lacey

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer , Ping An

Evangelos Avramakis, Swiss Re
Evangelos Avramakis

Head of Digital Ecosystems R&D , Swiss Re

Parul Kaul-Green, AXA
Parul Kaul-Green

Head of AXA Next Labs, Europe , AXA

Elisabeth Falck, If P&C
Elisabeth Falck

Nordic API Product Manager , If P&C

Scott Paton, PA Consulting, Insurance Innovators Summit
Scott Paton

Insurance Lead , PA Consulting

Case study | Covéa

Unlocking the potential IoT and new technologies

In this case study, delegates will get the chance to hear first-hand how Covéa is adopting new technologies, including AI and IoT. Find out about the projects Covéa is running and dig a little deeper to see how technology innovation is influencing the pet insurance market.

Graeme Howard, Covea, Insurance Innovators Summit
Graeme Howard

Chief Technology and Information Officer , Covéa Insurance

The next phase of IoT in commercial lines

  • From fleet telematics to the industrial internet of things: how can commercial insurers make the most of M2M communication?
  • Benefiting all parties: where does the real value for clients lie?
  • Real-time risk management: when will this become a reality?
  • Implementing a resilient technology strategy: facing cyber threats head-on

Helene Stanway, AXA
Hélène Stanway

Digital Leader , AXA

Exploring driver distraction: how to make driver safety central to your value proposition
  • What do customers want from connected insurance? Taking a look at Europe Survey results
  • Exploring a real-world case study: how to introduce distraction as a product and to attract new drivers
  • Improving risk and claims handling through connected mobile insurance: lessons for success

Ryan McMahon, Cambridge Mobile Telematics
Ryan McMahon

VP of Insurance , Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Ask the experts

Incorporating IoT into existing IT architecture

In this session delegates will have the chance to ask our panel of experts their burning questions around IoT and how to integrate IoT technologies and data into existing architectures.

  • Marrying internal and external data sources: what steps must be taken for insurers to make the most of data from IoT devices?
  • What are the common pitfalls and how can these be avoided?
  • Legacy limitations: confronting internal architectural obstacles
  • Beyond the architecture: what steps must be taken to ensure legacy thinking doesn’t act as a blocker?

Yanna Winter, Generali
Yanna Winter

Head of IT, Chief Information Officer , Generali

Chair’s opening remarks 

Charlie Evans, Insurtech Gateway
Charlie Evans

Head of Deal Flow , InsurTech Gateway

Pitch | Twings

Twingz detects potential fire and water damage before it occurs. Rather than alerting customers in case of emergency (i.e when it’s too late), Twingz damage prevention services notifies the customer before disaster strikes. Twingz also provides its customers with a fully transparent picture of their energy consumption and monitors individual appliances, which is all based on only one sensor – the electricity meter. This can also help notify the customer when maintenance is needed.

Senior representative, Twingz

Pitch | Vigo

Vigo offers new-generation, service-based telematics for motorcycle insurance. By focusing on the end user, providing them with a service they need and a solution they demand, Vigo (in partnership with insurance companies) has an amazing entry point for successful application of all telematic benefits, such as PHYD, PAYD, fraud prevention, cost reduction, advanced analytics, automatic claim procession etc. For the customer, Vigo is the most cost-efficient anti-theft insurance, and includes all other essential functions, such as SOS call, theft prevention and tracking, driving analytics and much more.

Rok Upelj Vigo
Rok Upelj

Chief Operating Officer , Vigo

Pitch | Buyapowa

Buyapowa is the leading Refer-a-Friend (‘Member-get-Member’) platform for regulated industries. Buyapowa already powers referral marketing for LV=, The AA, Ageas,  Travelex, first direct, Envision Financial, Coast Capital Savings, BT, EE, O2, Vodafone, Sprint, Expedia, Carrefour etc.

Robin Bresnark, Buyapowa
Robin Bresnark

Director of Brand , Buyapowa

Pitch | Tenjin

Tenjin is a technology automation company. Its software liberates businesses from mundane, error prone and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and innovate faster. The all in one platform leverages the latest in artificial intelligence to convert documents into data, mirror human decision making and replicate other tasks usually done by a human. Designed specifically for insurers, the platform allows businesses to automate everything from accounts receivable, underwriting, lead generation to policy life cycle management and more.

David Tenjin, Seal
David Seal

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder , Tenjin

Pitch | Tillit

Oslo-based insurtech, Tillit, provides a radically better insurance experience for the customer, making it easier for people to insure and protect their most important things, and have them repaired if they break. Tillit is Norway’s first app-based insurance experience.

Anders Schnell, Tillit Forsikring | Insurance Innovators Partner
Anders Schnell

Chief Technology Officer , Tillit Forsikring

Session 4

Product Innovation | AI | Pitches | CIO Roundtable | 16.30 - 17.35

Coral Stage | Simplicity and convenience: a call for new business models
Jade Stage | The crystallisation of AI
Insurtech Zone | Pitches
Breakout Room | Exclusive CIO Roundtable
Case study | Simply Business

The demand for digital: transforming products and services in SME and mid-market insurance

In this case study, delegates will have the opportunity to explore the ways in which Simply Business is making life easier and simpler for its customers. From its digital-first strategy, to its recent ‘Love Insurance Savings’ initiative, Simply Business has proven itself to be ahead of the curve in the SME and mid-market world. Find out more about the inner workings of Simply Business and how it has innovated to meet the ever-evolving demands of its customers.

Philip Williams, Simply Business
Philip Williams

Managing Director MGA , Simply Business

Case study | Allianz Future

Overhauling insurance for new markets

In this case study, delegates will get the chance to delve into the new business set up by Allianz – Allianz Future. Allianz Future is a new growth engine for Allianz to penetrate new business sectors, new segments and new regions with brand new insurance solutions and new distribution models. Take this opportunity to hear how insurance needs to change for new markets, what future value chains will look like and how insurers should engage with under-served demographics.

Jean-Marc Pailhol, Allianz
Jean-Marc Pailhol

Head of Global Market Management and Distribution , Allianz

Using AI to extract alternative data: how a Google Street View image can predict car accidents

Artificial intelligence and data collection at scale open up limitless opportunities to tap into streams of data previously ignored by practitioners. In this presentation, delegates will have the chance to explore a new study from researchers at Stanford University and the University of Warsaw, which shows that a Google Street View image of a house can predict car accident risk of its resident, independently from classically used variables such as age and zip code. Find out how modern computer vision techniques, such as deep learning, applied to publicly available data from Google Satellite and Street View may dramatically improve risk models and take current insurance pricing methods to the next level.

Kinga Kita Wojciechowska, University of Warsaw
Kinga Kita

AI Researcher , University of Warsaw

Panel discussion

From conceptualisation to implementation: practical applications of AI in insurance

  • What key lessons can be learnt from current automation journeys in insurance so far?
  • Leveraging the next wave of AI and machine learning: how can initial projects be rolled out at scale?
  • What are the greatest barriers to wide-scale implementation of AI?
  • Practical lessons for integrating machine learning AI with other technologies
  • Whole of company buy-in: how can this be achieved?
  • In what ways do organisational structures need to be adapted to make way for greater AI integration?
  • What’s next for AI and automation in insurance?

Biswa Sengupta, AXA
Biswa Sengupta

Head of Artificial Intelligence, Data-Science and Engineering , AXA

Huma Lodhi, Direct Line Group | Counter Fraud 2019 | Insurance Innovators
Huma Lodhi

Principal Data Scientist - AI & Machine Learning , Direct Line Group

Stig Pedersen, Topdanmark, Insurance Innovators Summit
Stig Pedersen

Head of Group Machine Learning , Topdanmark

Pitch | Nexus Mutual

Nexus Mutual uses smart contracts on the Ethereum public blockchain linked with a specialised legal entity in the UK to offer a decentralised alternative to the regular insurance industry.

Hugh Karp, Nexus Mutual
Hugh Karp

Founder , Nexus Mutual

Pitch | QnityRe

Through its marketplace, QntityRe allows anyone to build, share, and secure insurance together. Qnity helps SMEs and individuals build and share their own insurance solutions as reciprocal insurance cliques (we call them Qliks), where members agree to share risk with peers.

Gregor Fabjan, Qnity Re
Gregor Fabjan

Co-founder , QnityRe

Pitch | Phileass

Phileass is a French insurance broker dedicated to companies in the digital ecosystem. Its mission is to offer tailored coverage to entrepreneurs by simplifying the underwriting formalities.

Nicholas Blanchard, Phileass
Nicholas Blanchard

Founder , Phileass

Pitch | Pikl

UK start-up, Pikl, has designed a company from the ground up to meet the needs of the sharing economy quickly and easily through providing specialist host insurance for Airbnb, JustPark and more.

Louise Birritteri, Pikl, Insurance Innovators Summit
Louise Birritteri

Chief Executive Officer , Pikl

Building a robust business: the CIO perspective

New technologies combined with ever-increasing customer expectations require insurers to radically change the way their businesses operate. High customer demands require fast-paced delivery, whilst economic pressures are burdensome for many. This roundtable is a chance for CIOs to come together and discuss the latest challenges and opportunities they face as community. Learn from your peers on topics such as ROI and keeping costs low, as well as integrating technologies and the secret to success around prioritisation.

Session 5

A deep dive into diversity | 17.40 - 18.05


Recognising the critical importance of diversity and inclusion

  • From negative public perceptions to stunted growth: how does a lack of diversity negatively impact businesses?
  • How long is it going to be until customers choose their insurer based on their values and ethical priorities?
  • What are the business benefits of reflecting your market?
  • Taking your diversity and inclusion strategy to the next level: what can insurers do?
  • Beyond value flaunting: how can insurers make changes that are more than skin deep?
  • How can change be implemented without upsetting the applecart? Is this a concern or part and parcel of change?
  • Attracting a diversity of talent: what initiatives are likely to yield the most benefits?

Sian Fisher
Sian Fisher

Chief Executive Officer , Chartered Insurance Institute

Susanne Schelde-Mollerup, LB Forsikring
Susanne Schelde-Mollerup Funder

HR Director , LB Forsikring

Agnieszka Wronska Link4 Photo
Agnieszka Wrońska

Chief Executive Officer , Link4

Caroline Farberger, vd ICA försäkring
Caroline Farberger

Chief Executive Officer , ICA Försäkringar

Chair's closing remarks followed by drinks reception

Chair's opening remarks

Session 6

Beyond the hype – what’s next for innovation? | 09.05 - 10.35

Keynote address

Innovation strategies across the pond: a look at the US insurance market

Beth Maerz, Travelers
Beth Maerz

SVP, Platform, Customer Experience and Innovation , Travelers

Session title to be confirmed

Preetham Peddanagari - EY - MoneyLIVE Panelist
Preetham Peddanagari

EMEIA FS Digital Insurance Leader , EY

Leaders’ forum

Making a business case for innovation: beyond the smoke and mirrors

  • Innovation within large incumbents: are labs the answer?
  • What other strategies can insurers adopt to further innovation efforts?
  • Board appetite to innovate: is the innovation imperative becoming more accepted?
  • Keeping the customer at the heart of innovation: what does this look like in reality?
  • Integrating new innovations with old business models: how can this be achieved?
  • How can speed to market be improved within incumbent insurers?
  • Prioritising profits: to what extent is this a driver of innovation? How best can insurers deliver ROI?
  • What barriers hinder innovation efforts in the SME market? How does this differ from personal lines?
  • Setting out priorities: what comes next on the innovation journey?

Tulsi Naidu, Zurich, Insurance Innovators Summit
Tulsi Naidu

Chief Executive Officer, UK , Zurich

Philippe Vayssac, Groupama
Philippe Vayssac

Chief Innovation Officer , Groupama

Arnaud Grapinet, Shift Technology
Arnaud Grapinet

Chief Data Scientist , Shift Technology

Johannes Dick, AXA
Johannes Dick

Global Head of Data Analytics and Data Innovation , AXA

Charlotte Halkett, Bought By Many
Charlotte Halkett

Chief Commercial Officer , Bought By Many

Session 7

Marketing & CX | Digital Transformation | Pitches | Voice | 11.05 - 12.50

Coral Stage | Building your tribe
Jade Stage | Next-gen digital transformation strategies | Chair: Manjit Rana, Managing Director, Corporate Innovation, Rainmaking
Insurtech Zone | Pitches
Breakout Room | Exploring the role of voice technology
Case study | Horn of Africa Insurance

Becoming a truly customer-driven insurer: a deep dive into the African insurance market

In this case study, delegates will have the opportunity to explore one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting insurance markets, Africa. Explore the strategies being employed by Horn of Africa Insurance to better drive market penetration and customer loyalty.

Adan Abbey, Horn of Africa Insurance
Adan Abbey

Co-Founder and President , Horn of Africa Insurance


Why do people buy into brands?

  • What captures the imagination of today’s customers?
  • Does community really matter to customers?
  • What’s the psychology behind brand loyalty?
  • The practicalities of creating your tribe: what does this look like for insurers?
  • Fostering mass appeal across generations and demographics: is it possible to create a coherent brand for the many?
  • Will we see the emergence of more niche brands in insurance?
  • Will brand appeal increase in importance for insurers over the coming years?
  • Examples of social good: will the charitable giving trend among insurtechs take off more widely?

Tamar Kasriel, Futureal
Tamar Kasriel

Managing Director , Futureal

Remco Barbier, Nationale-Nederlanden
Remco Barbier

Head of Branding , Nationale-Nederlanden

Case study | HSBC

A new digital identity: transformation at every level

In this case study, delegates will get the chance to hear from HSBC’s Global Head of Digital – Wealth, FX and Insurance – on how the bank has created a new digital identity. Growing from a team of 10 to 5000 people, digital is firmly at the heart of the organisation. Explore how HSBC has introduced new thinking and digital ways of working at every level, plus how an organisation of this size has adapted to internal challenges and obstacles. What does best in class look like when it comes to digital transformation? Find out here!

Reg Warlop, HSBC
Reg Warlop

Global Head of Digital, Wealth & Insurance , HSBC

Digital Transformation isn’t a destination, it’s a journey

There may be no more heavily used term these days than “Digital Transformation.”  Enterprises are investing billions of dollars in transformation efforts, yet many report those efforts aren’t delivering the expected results.  What are people REALLY talking about when they say digital transformation, and can a change in mindset change the outcome?

Steve Forcash, MarkLogic
Steve Forcash

Chief Strategy Officer, Insurance , MarkLogic

Panel discussion

Building the insurer of tomorrow

  • How can the Allianz Open Source example be applied more widely in the industry? Is it likely to take off?
  • Furthering agility through the cloud: what steps must be taken for insurers to fully adopt this technology?
  • Where will the biggest impacts be felt?
  • To what extent are large insurers in a position to incorporate new solutions and technologies given current infrastructure limitations?
  • How can these challenges be overcome?
  • How can relevant stakeholders be effectively engaged and brought onside?
  • Technology plus culture: how to achieve the ultimate transformation success story

Stuart Domingos
Stuart Domingos

Head of Group Innovation Hub , Zurich

Rachel Whitaker, Aviva
Rachel Whitaker

Head of Systems Thinking , Aviva

Jonathan Rodgers, PA Constulting
Jonathan Rodgers

Digital and Financial Services Expert , PA Consulting

Sibylle Fischer, Baloise, Insurance Innovators Summit
Sibylle Fischer

Director Strategic Venturing , Baloise

Chair’s opening remarks

Charlie Evans, Insurtech Gateway
Charlie Evans

Head of Deal Flow , InsurTech Gateway

Pitch | Amodo

Amodo provides a Mobility Platform that enables insurance companies to create new products and services based on usage and behavioural data. The Amodo Platform is used on a global scale from Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago, to China and South Korea, and is trusted by companies such as BNP Paribas, AIG, Generali, Porsche, Baloise, P&V Group, Maritime Financial and many others.

Marijan Mumdziev, Amodo
Marijan Mumdziev

Chief Executive Officer , Amodo

Pitch | InsurAds

InsurAds is a Portuguese start-up founded in 2017 is the world’s first insurance company for digital advertising. It is leading the way on the Time & Attention Monetization field and Ad Exposure Control on the Digital Advertisement Ecosystem.

Andre Tomas Parreira, InsurAds, Insurance Innovators Summit
Andre Tomas Parreira

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer , InsurAds

Pitch | Cytora

Cytora is transforming underwriting for commercial insurance. Using its API Platform, insurers can underwrite more accurately and efficiently, and deliver fairer prices to their customers.

Pitch | Roost

Roost is transforming property insurance with smart, in-home solutions, that monitor real-life situations in real time. Roost has developed a unique, patent-pending connected platform that delivers the ultimate in installation simplicity and the most affordable way for consumers to enter the smart home space. Find out how Roost’s work is transforming the world of insurance.

Roel Peeters - Co-founder & CEO - Roost
Roel Peeters

CEO & Co-founder , Roost

Pitch | Celo

Celo is an app-based insurance provider planning to offer motor, health, travel and electronics insurance. Celo promotes good behaviour by offering rewards such as gift cards, free coffee and discounted premiums etc.

Speaker placeholder
Aravind Vijayakumar

Co-founder , Celo

Pitch | Coverly

Coverly is the insurance arm of Bibby Financial Services. It is building an insurtech business delivering a truly digital, on-demand experience for UK SME’s. The goal is to make buying and managing commercial insurance easy for SME’s.

Jodi Cartwright, Coverly, Insurance Innovators Summit
Jodi Cartwright

Managing Director , Coverly

Pitch | Panzly

Panzly insures customers’ flights for delays or cancellations via automatic and immediate payouts. The Ukrainian start-up is entirely devoted to creating unique, smart and innovative flight insurance along with high-quality support services.

Matt Parve, Black Insurance
Mart Parve

Chief Operating Officer , Black Insurance

Pitch | Black Insurance

Estonian insurtech, Black, is a digital insurance company on blockchain. Its platform connects insurance brokers directly with capital enabling them to launch their own virtual insurance companies and essentially take out the middle man (the insurer).

Alex Gayduk, Panzly, Insurance Innovators Summit
Alex Gayduk

Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Panzly

Pitch | Bonapart

Bonapart is disrupting the French real estate market with its innovative insurance offering. Through a monthly subscription, customers can avoid paying a security deposit upfront and be covered for damages of up to €1m.

Fabrice Le Parc, Bonapart, Insurance Innovators Summit
Fabrice Le Parc

Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Bonapart

Pitch | Poleecy

Poleecy is disrupting the Italian market through trading microinsurance policies. It is powered by a proprietary platform based on blockchain and an AI engine with the aim of serving customers that need insurance for a short period of time. This is the future of ‘temporary’ insurance.

Elio Mungo, Poleecy, Insurance Innovators Summit
Elio Mungo

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer , Poleecy

Out of industry 1

Creating the perfect environment for voice innovation and experimentation

Out of industry 2

Lessons learnt after a year of voice experimentation

Fireside chat + Q&A

Uncovering the value in voice: defining a use case in insurance

  • Where is voice technology likely to have the greatest impact in insurance?
  • Is there a convincing use case or is it just a pipedream?
  • What do customers really want from voice technology?
  • In what ways will customers’ relationship with technology be revolutionised?
  • How can businesses thrive when adapting to the voice-driven world?
  • How can voice be used to compliment other existing channels?

Stefan Knoll, Deutsche Familienversicherung
Stefan Knoll

Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Deutsche Familienversicherung

Session 8

Customer-centricity | Data | Pitches | 14.05 - 15.35

Coral Stage | Next-stage customer-centricity: an ever-evolving journey
Jade Stage | Analytics in focus
Insurtech Zone | Pitches
Case study | Bupa

Falling for deep learning: aligning technology with the customer

As we get older or lose our mobility, we are more likely to fall down. This can be a potentially catastrophic event causing injury, depression or even loss of independence. When a fall happens, it is critical to get help fast – every second counts. In this case study, Manu will showcase ‘Catcher’, the first of its kind deep learning-powered fall detection algorithm. Catcher runs across CCTV cameras, ‘sees’ human falls in real time and immediately triggers medical assistance. Catcher is trained on a variety of falls, has emotion recognition and gait analysis to potentially even prevent falls in the future. This is a great chance to explore how to implement AI in a traditional insurance organisation, and ultimately how this can done whilst keeping the customer front and centre.

Manu Kumar, Bupa
Manu Kumar

Chief Data Officer, Customer Lab , Bupa

Case study | Laka

Bicycle insurance powered by the customer

In this case study, hear from Laka’s Operations Lead on what it takes to truly deliver for today’s customer. From the promise of short and simple policies, to a transparent claims process, explore the strategies Laka has adopted to delight its customers.

Penny Penati Operations Lead
Penny Penati

Operations Lead , Laka

Spotlight on fraud 

Assessing the impact of simplification on fraud prevention and detection

Whilst the simplification of onboarding is commonly thought of as a no brainer, the wider effects of this strategy must be considered. In this session, delegates will hear about the increasing pressures of preventing and detecting fraud, how new initiatives can both help or hinder counter fraud efforts, and how fraud departments must keep up with wider innovations.

Panel discussion

Achieving the dream: creating a holistic end-to-end insurance experience 

  • Killing the collective: how can personalisation be embedded at every level?
  • The commercial supply chain: how can insurers, MGAs and brokers better work together for the benefit of the client?
  • Where can new technologies have the greatest impact?
  • Next-gen contact: how can chatbots bring more value to customers?
  • Breaking down siloes: how can internal factions be broken down?
  • Where can real gains in the customer journey be made?

Monika Schulze, Zurich
Monika Schulze

Global Head of Customer and Digital Experience , Zurich

Gayathri Sudhakaran, LV=
Gayathri Sudhakaran

Director, Digital Product Innovation , LV=

Paul Williams, Ripe
Paul Williams

Chief Executive Officer , Ripe Insurance

Andy Champion, DocuSign
Andy Champion

Vice President, Enterprise Sales EMEA , DocuSign

Unlocking the potential of emerging data sources

  • Getting to grips with unstructured data sources: voice, audio and beyond
  • What insights can be accessed through new data sources that weren’t available to insurers before?
  • Ensuring data excellence: dealing with an onslaught of new information
  • Future possibilities of new data sources: where next?

Alessandar Chiuderi - Generali
Alessandra Chiuderi

Group Head of Data , Generali

Out of Industry case study | eBay

Analytics in action

eBay has successfully utilised machine learning and data analytics to better understand its customers and improve overall engagement. In this case study, Or will explore how digital developments can help organisations make the most of growing data sets, as well as uncover how insurers can use their own data sources to strengthen their own engagement strategies.

Or_Levi, eBay
Or Levi

Senior Data Scientist , eBay

Successfully adopting analytics: practical use-cases within insurance

  • Exploring current examples of analytics in the industry
  • Kicking off the project: prioritising opportunities to determine the best place to start
  • Developing a step-by-step methodology: strategies for success
  • A bit of advice: what works and what doesn’t?

Tim Crossley, Sapiens
Tim Crossley

Business Development Director , Sapiens

Panel discussion

Defining your data analytics strategy

  • What steps must insurers take to ensure that data and analytics strategies deliver actionable insights?
  • Using real-time data for real-time impact: where in the value chain can gains be made in terms of speed and efficiency?
  • Overcoming systematic challenges: what further technological advances are set to ease data silo problems?
  • How can data strategy be future-proofed to handle an ever-evolving technological landscape?
  • A look to the future: how far away is advanced sentiment analysis?
  • To what extent will this transform the insurance business?

Edosa Odaro, AXA
Edosa Odaro

Head of Data , AXA

Pardeep Bassi, LV=
Pardeep Bassi

Head of Data Science , LV=

James Poynter, QBE Insurance, Insurance Innovators Summit
James Poynter

Head of Data Analytics, International Markets , QBE

Stefan Maczkowski Aviva
Stefan Maczkowski

Head of Data Strategy , Aviva

Steve Forcash, MarkLogic
Steve Forcash

Chief Strategy Officer, Insurance , MarkLogic

Pitch | Property Security Community

Belgian start-up, PSC, is developing a unique community marketplace platform that simply lets customers snap and upload their personal property and it’s instantly insured in under 10 seconds.

Gerry Panzu Konde, Property Security Community, Insurance Innovators Summit
Gerry Panzu Konde

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Property Security Community

Pitch | Insurninja

Insurninja is world’s #1 gamer-centric insurtech start-up focused on tailormade insurance and services for the esport-economy.

Niklas Ex, Insurninja, Insurance Innovators Summit
Niklas Ex

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer , Insurninja

Pitch | Guardhog

Guardhog offers pay-per-stay insurance for all short-term lets; from AirBnB to, hosts, guests and platforms are covered.

Andrew Boldt, Guardhog, Insurance Innovators Summit
Andrew Boldt

Co-founder and Director , Guardhog

Pitch | Mutumutu

Mutumutu gives the control to the customer by allowing them to make their own life insurance. It’s easy to understand, doesn’t have hundreds of pages, absurd charges or insurance premiums you don’t need. Plus, Mutumutu will reward customers who take care of their health responsibly and return up to 30% of their annual premiums on a regular basis.

Jindrich Lenz, Mutumutu, Insurance Innovators Summit
Jindřich Lenz

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer , Mutumutu

Pitch | Asure Foundation

Asure Foundation provides a scalable blockchain network for decentralized social security. It lays the foundation for 10 billion people to have access to social security systems and achieve a great social impact where it is needed the most.

Fabian Raetz, Asure Foundation, Insurance Innovators Summit
Fabian Raetz

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer , Asure Foundation

Pitch | Coverfy

Coverfy is a disruptive insurtech start-up based in Barcelona on a mission to make insurance easy for everyone. Coverfy app is a free mobile insurance manager that simplifies and solves all insurance-related issues for its users. The app optimises the user’s insurance policies and covers all of their insurance needs using digital technology and semi-automatic algorithms.

Jorge Blasco, Coverfy, Insurance Innovators Summit
Jorge Blasco

Corporate Development Director , Coverfy

Session 9

Preparing for a new insurance paradigm | 15.40 - 16.10

Leaders’ forum

Collaboration and partnerships: building the insurance market of the future

  • The culture clash and beyond: what challenges are being faced in today’s diverse insurance market?
  • A post-competitive world: is there likely to be a shift in mentality away from head-on competition?
  • Is collaboration the crucial ingredient for future success in the insurance industry?
  • What does collaborative success look like?
  • What steps must be taken by insurers and insurtechs if the industry is to become more open?
  • What lessons can be drawn from current collaboration or partnership examples?
  • Who will be the winners of tomorrow?

Chair's closing remarks


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