Preparing for the future role of AI in claims

Date TBC | Hosted in our online boardrooms

Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to have a seismic impact on claims management, particularly within personal lines and small business insurance. Claims that once took days or weeks now stand the very real chance of being handled in a matter of minutes. With customers increasingly expecting the same speed and responsiveness delivered by tech titans such as Uber and Amazon, insurers must deploy AI both correctly and carefully if they are to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and efficiency.

This roundtable will bring together senior executives from insurance to discuss how best to prepare for the transformative impact that AI will have on claims – from how best to structure teams to upskilling staff.

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The discussion

The role of advanced algorithms

How should chatbots evolve for long-term success?

What is the timeframe for the integration of AI in claims?


Date TBC
90 minutes
  • Welcome and participant introductions


  • Keynote presentation – Driving speed, accuracy and ease of use in claims management: a case study


  • Roundtable discussion
  • Pivoting to remote claims assessment: how successfully is AI being utilised at first notice of loss?
  • What role could advanced algorithms play in the initial triaging and routing of claims?
  • Claims handling with empathy: understanding where AI-driven analytics can help, and when human intervention is essential
  • Self-service automation in claims: the role of chatbots to date and the changes needed for long-term success
  • Learning from the likes of Lemonade: how are AI-driven new entrants raising the bar for CX in claims?
  • In what timeframe will AI-enabled, rapid claims response and resolution become the norm?
  • How will the claims department need to be structured as AI plays an increasing role?
  • What skills will be required of claims handlers in the future? How should recruitment and training adapt?


  • Closing remarks

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