Re-imagining the future of Nordic insurance

3 – 4 June 2019
Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

The platform for leading insurance professionals from across the Nordic region to explore the future of the industry.


Insurance Innovators: Nordics hosts speakers from the most innovative players in the industry, covering topics such as open APIs and data analytics, seamless customer experiences, innovation and claims transformation. This year’s conference will bring together the full spectrum of the industry, from traditional insurers and insurtech disruptors, to investors and solution providers. 


Jon Holtan

Jon Holtan

Chief Executive Officer, SpareBank 1 Skadeforsikring


Henrik Grønborg

Senior Vice President, Private Division, Tryg


Rasmus Lynge

Chief Customer Officer, Group Executive Vice President, Alm. Brand

Lisa Olsson

Lisa Olsson

Chief Operating Officer, Lfant, Länsförsäkringar

Thomas Kragh, Alka Forsrikring

Thomas Kragh

Digital Manager, Online & Digital, Købstædernes Forsikring

Hallvard Natvik

Hallvard Natvik

Chief Information Officer, Frende Insurance

Caroline Farberger

Caroline Farberger

Chief Executive Officer, ICA Försäkringar

Bjorn Sandqvist

Bjørn Sandqvist

Chief Data Scientist and Chief Pricing Officer, Tryg

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Day One Monday, 3 June 2019

Day Two Tuesday, 4 June 2019


Welcome address and chair's opening remarks

Session 1

Succeeding in a new era of insurance | 09.10 - 10.50

Keynote address 

Thriving in the digital age: the Nordic insurance revolution

Jon will bring forward his 25 years of experience and reveal how insurance companies must evolve to succeed in a fast-moving digital world.

Jon Holtan
Jon Holtan

Chief Executive Officer , SpareBank 1 Skadeforsikring

Keynote address

Blazing the innovation trail: becoming a customer-centric insurer

Customer centricity is king.  Rasmus will address how innovation can be achieved within organisations and how insurers can remain customer centric during times of change.

Rasmus Lynge

Chief Customer Officer, Group Executive Vice President , Alm. Brand

Insurance in a time of intelligence

Senior representative, TrueMotion

Leaders’ forum

Pushing the boundaries: the future of Nordic insurance

  • From AI to IoT: which technologies will have the greatest impact on Nordic insurers?
  • How can insurers capitalise on an increasingly connected world?
  • Accelerating digital transformation: how can this be achieved?
  • To what extent do internal siloes hinder progress? How can these be overcome?
  • What role will partnerships play in digital transformation?
  • How can innovation be furthered in the industry?
  • A platform-led world: how must insurers prepare for this colossal shift?

Jon Holtan
Jon Holtan

Chief Executive Officer , SpareBank 1 Skadeforsikring

Henrik Grønborg

Senior Vice President, Private Division , Tryg

Rasmus Lynge

Chief Customer Officer, Group Executive Vice President , Alm. Brand

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy
Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

Chief Executive Officer and Founder , Tapoly

Session 2

Harnessing the power of data | Navigating the open API ecosystem | 11.20 - 12.55

Harnessing the power of data | Coral Stage
Navigating the open API ecosystem | Jade Stage

Turning raw data into profit via advanced analytics

  • Improving your data: from raw data, data silos and batch to real-time 360 customer view
  • Improving the effect measurement of your actions: From KPI’s to A/B testing
  • Improving your analytical models: from generalized linear models to machine learning and AI

Bjorn Sandqvist
Bjørn Sandqvist

Chief Data Scientist and Chief Pricing Officer , Tryg

Capitalising on the rise of data science in the 21st century

  • How can insurers gain value from expanding data sets and the wealth of new data sources?
  • Marrying analytics with day-to-day processes: creating real business value
  • Fraud, claims, underwriting: lowering costs through operational analytics
  • Driving growth through risk analytics and pricing: strategies for success

René Schoenauer

Product Marketing Manager – EMEA , Guidewire Software

Out of Industry Case study 


Ebay has successfully utilised machine learning and data analytics to better understand its customers and improve overall engagement. In this case study, Or will explore how digital developments can help organisations make the most of growing data sets, as well as uncover how insurers can use their own data sources to strengthen their own engagement strategies.

Or Levi

Senior Data Scientist , eBay

Fireside chat

Looking inside the business: preparing for an open API-led era

  • The transformational potential of open APIs: where do the opportunities lie?
  • Attracting distribution partners through open APIs
  • Using open APIs as part of the insurance pool platform strategy
  • Internal roles: what skillsets are required for insurers to succeed in this space?
  • How must internal strategies evolve in light of open APIs?
  • What lessons can be learned from the banking industry?

Adam Bergendahl
Adam Bergendahl

Head of If P&C Tech Lab , If P&C Insurance

Gunnar Berger, Nordea
Gunnar Berger

Head of Open Banking , Nordea Bank

Planning to succeed with open APIs

The case is closed: open APIs are a necessity for insurers, because they will allow you to benefit from artificial intelligence and analytics, insuretechs and dynamic ecosystems. Reaping these advantages, however, will require some planning. Which qualities must a core system possess to truly be considered open? What are the “must-haves” for an open API solution? Amanda Rees, customer propositions manager at Sapiens, will answer these questions, explain the connection between open APIs and an agile approach, outline some different architectural and technological approaches to open APIs and present a brief customer success story.

Amanda Rees
Amanda Rees

Customer Propositions Manager , Sapiens International

Case study


Spiir helps customers gain insights and have a better overview of their spending, and is built on open APIs. In this case study, Rune will explore the power of open APIs and open banking in developing innovative products, as well as uncover how open APIs can facilitate further industry-wide transformation for banks, insurers and beyond.

Rune Mai

Chief Executive Officer , Spiir

Panel discussion

Disruption in distribution: making platforms and marketplaces work for insurers

  • Looking further afield: how does the Nordic distribution model compare to the rest of Europe?
  • In what timeframe is Nordic insurance distribution likely to change?
  • Distribution and banks: in what ways will open APIs impact relationships between banks and insurers?
  • How will platforms and marketplaces transform current distribution models?
  • To what extent will the customer relationship be lost in a platform-led world?
  • The collaborative power of platforms: how can platform partners work together to enhance customer interactions?
  • Culture, values, architecture: key considerations for successful partnerships
  • Reality check: to what extent will distribution drastically change in the next 10 years?

Iason Halvadakis
Iason Halvadakis

Director of Strategy and Management , Gjensidige

Rene Priess
Rene Priess

Head of Strategy & Project Portfolio , Generali

Emma Kindblom
Emma Kindblom

Digital Transformation Officer , Dina Försäkringar

Session 3

Tech focus: digging into RPA and AI | Claims and fraud in the digital age | 13.55 -15.30

Tech focus: digging into RPA and AI | Coral Stage
Claims and fraud in the digital age | Jade Stage

The transformative power of RPA: from cost efficiencies to enhanced customer experiences

  • Ensuring ROI: understanding the business benefits of RPA
  • Which processes are most suited to automation?
  • Where will the biggest cost savings be?
  • RPA and the customer: providing faultless and speedy experiences

Jimmi Bram
Jimmi Bram

Chief Technology Officer , Alm. Brand

Case study | Frende Insurance

RPA in action: a double-edged sword

RPA is transforming back-end processes for insurers throughout the Nordic region and beyond. In this case study, Thor will explore what successful RPA in action looks like, as well as uncover the long-term impacts RPA has had on Frende’s IT architecture.

Information Director Technology Development
Thor Holm

Information Director Technology Development , Frende Insurance

Fireside chat

An AI revolution: enhancing the human touch

  • From underwriting to personalisation: what other processes can be strengthened by AI?
  • Enhancing, not replacing: improving employee performance with AI
  • What are the opportunities and challenges when scaling AI in a large insurance company?
  • Understanding the practicalities of running AI projects: what, who, how?
  • Lessons learned from other industries: who’s getting it right?

Ola Pettersen
Ola Pettersen

Chief Information Officer , Bafo Forsakring

Claims in the digital era: what does the future hold?

  • Embedding the innovation mentality into claims: continuously improving the claims experience
  • Keeping it simple: how can greater transparency be achieved?
  • How might new technologies streamline claims processes in the next 5 years?
  • Claims handling of the future: what’s next?

Steinunn Hlíf Sigurardóttir
Steinunn Hlif Siguroardottir

Managing Director, Claims , Vörður

Automated fraud detection and straight through processing: a double edged sword

George Herber - speaking at Insurance Innovators Nordics 2018
George Herber

Regional Sales Manager , FRISS

The next steps in the battle against insurance fraud

  • The digital revolution: a double-edged sword for the fight against fraud
  • Where can real gains be made in the speed of fraud detection?
  • Collaboration and data sharing: what can be learned from peers in the UK and beyond?
  • What more can be done to ensure customers understand fraudulent activity and its wider impact?

Panel discussion

Executing technological change in the fight against fraud

  • How can AI be used to transform the future of counter fraud in insurance?
  • What new data sources will be most useful to fraud departments?
  • What obstacles stand in the way of successfully integrating new technologies?
  • Breaking down siloes: how can counter fraud be integrated across departments?
  • Keeping customers honest: how can nudges throughout the digital claims process mitigate fraudulent activity?
  • Building an industry-wide claims dashboard: what are the benefits?

Steinunn Hlíf Sigurardóttir
Steinunn Hlif Siguroardottir

Managing Director, Claims , Vörður

Jakob Laursen
Jakob Laursen

Chief Analytics Officer, Senior Vice President , Alka Forsikring

Brian Egested
Brian Egested

Head of SIU , Alm. Brand

Session 4

Are you ready for the insurtechs? | 16.00 - 17.30

Pitch | Undo

Undo is revolutionising the traditional insurance landscape by implementing simple structures, providing transparent fees and utilising cutting-edge technology.  With a bold brand and a unique take on customer engagement, Undo is truly making waves in the Nordic Insurance market.

Sophie Bohr Gronbaek
Sophie Bohr Grønbæk

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder , Undo

Pitch | Insurance Simplified

Insurance Simplified aims to take the complexity out of insurance.  Its advisory engine DrJones, which analyses each person’s unique life situation, recommends the optimal product for each customer.

Christer Braaf photo
Christer Braaf

Chief Executive Officer and Founder , Insurance Simplified

Pitch | Roost

Roost has developed a unique, patent-pending connected platform that delivers the ultimate in installation simplicity and the most affordable way for consumers to enter the smart home space.

Senior representative, Roost


Pitch | Laka

Laka is the digital insurer for the modern customer.  It has revolutionised bicycle insurance, creating simple and short policies as well as straightforward claims processes.  With an innovative claims and shares model, Laka is transforming the way consumers view claims and insurance.

Penny Penati Operations Lead
Penny Penati

Operations Lead , Laka

Panel discussion

Agile, customer-centric, innovative: lessons from the insurtechs

  • Listening to customers: what do they want from insurance companies?
  • Optimising digital customer journeys: key considerations when defining digital strategies
  • Gaining consumer trust: how can consumer trust be earned and retained?
  • Built on agile foundations: how does agile architecture enable further innovation?
  • Making every employee a champion of innovation: how can this be achieved?
  • From governments to regulators: how can insurtechs be further supported?

Rune Brunborg, Tribe
Rune Brunborg

Founder, Tribe

Kjartan Austvik
Kjartan Austvik

Digital Program Director , Tryg

Caroline Farberger
Caroline Farberger

Chief Executive Officer , ICA Försäkringar


Chair’s closing remarks and end of Day One, followed by drinks reception


Chair's opening remarks

Session 5

A 360° view – preparing the organisation to innovate | 09.20 - 10.40

Making the jump from legacy to agile: transforming internal architectures

  • What practical steps can be implemented to ensure successful transformation?
  • From exit strategies to disaster recovery: key considerations to make before making the jump
  • Incremental change versus a complete overhaul: what’s the best approach?
  • Gaining boardroom buy-in: keeping IT transformation at the forefront of internal strategies

Hallvard Natvik
Hallvard Natvik

Chief Information Officer , Frende Insurance

Leaders’ forum

Nurturing a culture of innovation

  • Inspiring innovation within: what steps can be taken to get all departments on board?
  • From agile architecture to agile businesses: building teams with a range of skillsets
  • How can insurers encourage new ways of thinking within teams?
  • Removing the hurdles: how can internal innovation be accelerated?
  • Innovating with direction: aligning initiatives with business goals
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of innovation hubs
  • Where have the greatest examples of innovation been in this space?

Thomas Kragh, Alka Forsrikring
Thomas Kragh

Digital Manager, Online & Digital , Købstædernes Forsikring

Svein Skovly
Svein Skovly

Head of Innovation , Fremtind

Lisa Olsson
Lisa Olsson

Chief Operating Officer , Lfant, Länsförsäkringar

Stuart Domingos
Stuart Domingos

Head of Group Innovation Hub , Zurich

Session 6

Achieving frictionless CX | 11.10 - 12.25

Revolutionising the onboarding process: from speed to flawless first impressions

  • How can new technologies be used to streamline customer onboarding?
  • Simplifying processes: facilitating positive experiences for customers
  • Relevant engagement at relevant times: re-defining the customer journey
  • Seamless onboarding: what are the obstacles faced and how can they be overcome?

Kenneth Langbacka
Kenneth Langbacka

Head of Customer Experience , Folksam

Panel discussion

Personalised, digital, streamlined: defining a cohesive CX strategy

  • What does a frictionless customer experience look like?
  • Where does the industry stand in relation to customer expectations?
  • How might technology enable greater customer satisfaction while cutting operational costs?
  • Seeing the bigger picture: designing digital experiences that resonate with all demographics
  • Delivering an holistic customer experience: how can this be achieved?
  • Looking beyond insurance: what can be learned from other industries?

Kenneth Langbacka
Kenneth Langbacka

Head of Customer Experience , Folksam

Meeri Rebane - INZMO - Insurance Innovators
Meeri Rebane

Co-founder , Inzmo

Thomas Frost
Thomas Frost

Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Customer, Distribution and Market Management, Nordic Region , Zurich

Session 7

Innovation central – transforming and enhancing products | 13.25 - 14.20

Fireside chat

Bundling: the good, the bad, the ugly

  • How are products currently bundled?
  • Where do the biggest opportunities lie with bundled insurance?
  • Coordinating a range of supply chains: how can this be done successfully?
  • What challenges are represented with bundled products?
  • From brokers to aggregators: what are the impacts of bundling?
  • Is this model sustainable for years to come? Might regulators intervene?

Søren Ulrik Frandsen
Søren Ulrik Frandsen

Price and Product Director , Gjensidige

Panel discussion

From invisible insurance to on-demand: how will insurance products evolve?

  • How will transformative technologies like AI and IoT transform today’s products?
  • A click-less future: how can insurance products become ‘invisible’ and seamless?
  • A flexible economy: where are the greatest examples of on-demand insurance?
  • Will products become more personalised and how can this best be achieved?
  • How will underwriting be impacted by product innovation in years to come?
  • From initial design to mass market scaling: how can new products be profitable and scalable?
  • Insurance as a service: a reality waiting to happen, or just a pipe dream?
  • Executing change: what must be done to give the industry a kick start?

Daniel Litscher
Daniel Litscher

Head Business Innovation , Helvetia

Ronny Persson
Ronny Persson

Head of Product and Underwriting , Länsförsäkringar

Tryg Logo
Julius Thy

Head of Online and Market Strategy , Tryg

Session 8

Adding value to customers’ lives | 15.00 - 15.40


Becoming more than an insurer: delivering value through partnerships

  • An overview of the kickbox programme: from initial ideas to successful intrepreneurship
  • How can insurers add more value through the power of partnerships?
  • Leveraging the know-how of tech savvy start-ups: how might insurers utilise this opportunity?
  • Working together to identify a clear customer need
  • How might partnership-enabled services be monetised?
  • Setting scope and boundaries: ensuring clear communication for fruitful collaboration
  • What examples can be seen for successful incumbent-disruptor partnerships in insurance?

Anja Zimmermann
Anja Zimmermann

Head Kickbox Programme, Innovation Manager , Helvetia

Fireside chat

Data driven value-added services: from theory to reality

  • Identifying which value-added services to provide: strategies for success
  • What value-added services are customers willing to pay for?
  • From flat rates to increased premiums: how might value-added services be monetised?
  • What are the opportunities for value-added services in the platform economy?
  • In what ways can IoT be used to create value-added services?
  • From underinsurance to renewals: in what ways can AI enhance current offerings?
  • Remaining relevant: how can insurers successfully integrate into consumer lifestyles?
  • Giving back and improving retention: how can loyal customers be rewarded?
  • Which insurers are leading the way?

Valtteri Saurila
Valtteri Saurila

Director of Service Development , LähiTapiola


Chair's closing remarks, end of conference

"Well organised event with a lot of food for thought! There were many opportunities to meet with established leaders in the industry and upcoming challengers."


"An excellent venue for new insights, networking and new connections. Lots of engaging discussion about all types of innovations and disruptions across the insurance value chain. Both big insurance incumbents alongside with small Insurtechs, a great mix across speakers and participants – highly recommended!”

Insurance Simplified

"Exhibiting at the conference was very worthwhile for us. The turnout of senior level attendees from our existing and prospective clients was extremely impressive. The Insurance Innovators team are very professional, friendly and easy to work with."



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