Re-imagining the future of Nordic insurance

1-2 October, 2020

Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

Novel Coronavirus Update.

New Date Announced for Insurance Innovators: Nordics 2020.

We have made the difficult decision to postpone Insurance Innovators: Nordics, due to take place on 9-10 June. We reached this decision in response to the concerns over the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The conference will now take place on 1-2 October, with the Insurtech Evening on 30 September, at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel.

Our primary focus continues to be creating opportunities for the insurance sector to come together to learn, spark ideas, and critically, do business. We are looking forward to being able to do just that with the rescheduled Insurance Innovators: Nordics event, which, with the extra time we will have to prepare, we hope will be stronger and more engaging than ever.

The platform for leading insurance professionals from across the Nordic region to explore the future of the industry.


Insurance Innovators: Nordics 2020 will feature the highest calibre speakers from incumbents and insurtechs across the Nordic region and beyond. Over two days and two stages, the agenda is packed with case studies and panel discussions covering topics such as digital transformation, eco-systems & platforms, customer experience and the future of insurance. In 2020 ‘innovation’ is the name of the game – join us to learn how your firm can evolve, compete and thrive in the digital age.


Carsten Christoffersen

Carsten Christoffersen

Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Denmark

Sigurdur Vidarsson, Tryggingamidstodin

Sigurður Viðarsson

Chief Executive Officer, Tryggingamiðstöðin

Helgi Bjarnason

Helgi Bjarnason

Chief Executive Officer, VIS

Elisabeth Falck, If P&C

Elisabeth Falck

Nordic API Product Manager, If P&C

Petri Vuorinen, LahiTapiola

Petri Vuorinen

Chief Digital Officer, LähiTapiola

Hallvard Natvik

Hallvard Natvik

Chief Information Officer, Frende Insurance

Chief Transformation Officer

Robert Nordh

Chief Transformation Officer, Folksam

Simen Aasen Engebretsen, Gjensidige

Simen Aasen Engebretsen

Vice President Group Strategy, Gjensidige

More Speakers

Pre-event Insurtech Evening

New for 2020 is our insurtech evening – taking place on the evening of Wednesday 30 September. Grab a drink, unwind, put your feet up and be dazzled by a selection of hand-picked insurtech pitches delivered by founders and CEOs. It’s the perfect opportunity to hear about the next big thing in insurance, plus it gives you some extra time to meet and network with other attendees so you can maximise the connections you make at Insurance Innovators: Nordics 2020. Keep an eye out on our website for more updates!

Andreas Bröstrom

Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Philippe Moulin

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder


Henrik Sjølie

Chief Executive Officer


Hedi Mardisoo

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


Senior representative


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Day One Thursday, 1 October 2020

Day Two Friday, 2 October 2020

Welcome address and chair's opening remarks | 09.00

Session 1

Welcoming a new decade of insurance | 09.10 - 10.50

Keynote address

Succeeding in an era of profound digital change

Carsten Christoffersen
Carsten Christoffersen

Chief Executive Officer , Zurich Denmark

Keynote address

From legacy operation to digital pioneer

Helgi Bjarnason
Helgi Bjarnason

Chief Executive Officer , VIS

Leaders’ forum

Insurance at a crossroads: survival of the adaptable

  • Predictions and priorities: what should be the main focus for insurers in the decade ahead?
  • Moving from compensation to risk prevention: what is the future proposition of insurance?
  • Pipe dream or reality: to what extent is open insurance set to take off?
  • What impact will an increasingly ‘open’ landscape have on insurers?
  • What is the key to evolving and adapting in the digital age?
  • What ethical dilemmas do insurers face in the connected era?
  • Are insurtechs set to transform the insurance landscape in the coming years?

Hallvard Natvik
Hallvard Natvik

Chief Information Officer , Frende Insurance

Carsten Christoffersen
Carsten Christoffersen

Chief Executive Officer , Zurich Denmark

Helgi Bjarnason
Helgi Bjarnason

Chief Executive Officer , VIS

Session 2

Re-imagining the future of distribution: from aggregators to ecosystems to platforms | Achieving claims perfection | 11.20 - 12.55

Re-imagining the future of distribution: from aggregators to ecosystems to platforms
Achieving claims perfection
Fireside Chat

Shifting perspectives: the evolution of platforms and ecosystems

  • Threat or future: why should insurers care about ecosystems?
  • What will the role of insurers be in an ecosystem-led future?
  • How can insurers devise and implement a long-term ecosystem strategy?
  • Reducing friction: how can insurers harness the collaborative power of platforms?
  • Sectors without borders: is this the future?
  • How will the evolution of ecosystems and shared data facilitate personalised real-time digital marketing?

Elisabeth Falck, If P&C
Elisabeth Falck

Nordic API Product Manager , If P&C

Simen Aasen Engebretsen, Gjensidige
Simen Aasen Engebretsen

Vice President Group Strategy , Gjensidige

Out of industry insight | Motor

Embedded insurance: a win-win situation

The evolution of the motor industry is closely entwined with insurance. Mobility is in the midst of a significant tech disruption and the market is developing rapidly. In an age of extreme convenience, consumer demand for simplicity and ease has rocketed. Is embedded insurance the answer? Looking to the future, how can insurers and car manufacturers collaborate to benefit all parties? In this case study, delegates will get the chance to hear how Länsförsäkringar is tackling these opportunities and challenges head-on.


Insurance distribution in the digital age: a practical perspective

  • Insurtechs, aggregators, ecosystems: what forces will influence how distribution evolves in the near future?
  • Will aggregators take off in the region?
  • To what extent will embedded insurance take off in the Nordic region?
  • How will on-demand insurance impact current distribution models?
  • How will the growth of the API economy affect insurance distribution? How can insurers prepare?
  • Contextual, sophisticated, personalised: what steps must insurers take to deliver real-time digital marketing based on real-time data?
  • What role will voice technologies play in the future of distribution?

Thomas Frost
Thomas Frost

Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Customer, Distribution and Market Management, Nordic Region , Zurich

Gosse van der Walle
Gosse van der Walle

Distribution Partner , AIG

Panel discussion

Claims excellence in the digital age

  • How is AI helping to settle claims more easily, faster and with greater transparency?
  • Which new technologies are likely to transform the claims space next?
  • What challenges do claims departments face when implementing a new tech strategy? How can these best be overcome?
  • The importance of communication: how can insurers strengthen relations and drive loyalty during the claims process?
  • Chatbots, self-service, automatic pay-outs: how can insurers deliver satisfactory results to customers?
  • How can behavioural economics be used to better understand customers and reduce fraudulent claims?

Kimmo Aalto
Kimmo Aalto

Head of Business Sourcing , OP Financial Group

Marcus Janback
Marcus Janback

Chief Executive Officer , Insurello

Speaker placeholder
Maja Præstbrogaard

Digital Claims Manager Denmark , If P&C

Session 3

Data: the Holy Grail | Thriving in the digital age | 14.10 - 15.40

Data: the Holy Grail
Thriving in the digital age
Adding another piece to the puzzle: integrating new data sources
  • Video, voice and social media: how can insurers successfully integrate unstructured data?
  • What opportunities does open banking data present?
  • Prioritising effectively: what new data is most valuable to insurers?
  • Proactive management: how can insurers work with real-time sensor and IoT data?
  • How can new data sources personalise relationships and help insurers understand customers as individuals?

Panel discussion

Riding the tidal wave of data: from advanced analytics to open insurance

  • What are the ongoing challenges of being a data-driven organisation?
  • How can insurers contextualise and work with real-time data?
  • Looking inwards: how can insurers organise and optimise the quality of existing in-house data?
  • How can automation, real-time analytics and predictive modelling best be used to make smarter decisions and drive efficiencies?
  • What must insurers do to step up their analytical capabilities?
  • Advances in cognitive technologies: how will deep learning evolve?
  • How will open banking and the promise of open insurance impact data usage and sharing?
  • How will the power of data continue to grow in the next 5 years?

Case study | LahiTapiola

Digital Transformation: the future of a traditional insurance company

In this case study, Petri will explain how LähiTapiola is undergoing major internal change, from shifting the business model from one of protection to prevention, to taking on a new role as a service aggregator. Using examples of personal health and home insurance, Petri will explore how data and technology is changing the value chain and the relationship between customer and insurer.

Petri Vuorinen, LahiTapiola
Petri Vuorinen

Chief Digital Officer , LähiTapiola


Building the digital insurer of tomorrow

  • In a rapidly changing world how can insurers become more agile and adaptable?
  • What processes can help insurers take innovations to market more quickly?
  • How are new technologies streamlining operations?
  • How can insurers create flexibility without compromising operational efficiency?
  • What are the biggest challenges to achieving the digital dream?
  • A way of conducting business: how can a culture of innovation be fostered across departments?
  • Grasping the automation opportunity: how does the workforce need to evolve?
  • How can insurers attract, develop and retain a diversity of talent?

Morten Schultz Fruergaard, Kobstaedernes Forsikring
Morten Schultz Fruergaard

Director, Chief Operations Officer, Digital and IT , Købstædernes Forsikring

Session 4

Technology spotlights – hype versus reality | 16.10 - 17.15

Spotlight | Chatbots: the future of interaction?
  • Friendly advice: how are chatbots transforming interactions and building trust with customers?
  • Collaborating seamlessly: how can humans and chatbots operate in harmony?
  • Continuous evolution: virtual assistants, voice, natural language processing – what’s next for bots?

Speaker placeholder
Asko Mustonen

Head of Robotics , If P&C

Spotlight | AI: the next phase
  • Where are the opportunities for continued innovation?
  • What are the challenges to implementing AI across the insurance value chain?
  • How can insurers use AI to maintain their competitive edge?

Stig Pedersen, Topdanmark, Insurance Innovators Summit
Stig Pedersen

Head of Group Machine Learning , Topdanmark

Spotlight | Internet of Things: living in a connected world
  • How is IoT enabling insurers to provide value-added services?
  • Automated loss notification: how is IoT transforming claims?
  • Regulation: what are the challenges and ethical considerations of data ownership?

Chair’s closing remarks & end of Day One, followed by drinks reception

Session 5

Breakfast Workshop- Building a brand that resonates emotionally | Breakfast Workshop- Tech + Human: coexisting in harmony | 08.15 - 09.00

Building a brand that resonates emotionally
Tech + Human: coexisting in harmony

Building a brand that resonates emotionally

  • Why do insurers need rethink the conversation around brand and brand values?
  • What captures the imagination of today’s customers?
  • Understanding psychology: how can branding improve trust and increase loyalty in insurers?
  • New products, propositions, solutions: how can an insurance brand evolve?
  • ‘Rebranding’: how can collaborations with insurtechs and other organisations bring a fresh image to incumbents?


Tech + Human: coexisting in harmony

  • How can human and tech intelligence be integrated successfully?
  • Recognising the human/tech crossroad: building strategies to reassign tasks appropriately
  • What are the biggest challenges with sustaining human-tech hybrid operations?
  • How can insurers maximise productivity gains whilst minimising costs?

Chief Transformation Officer
Robert Nordh

Chief Transformation Officer , Folksam

Chair’s opening remarks | 09.15

Session 6

Insurtechs – potential for partnerships | 09.20 - 10.40

Keynote address

Collaborating to create customer delight: grasping the insurtech opportunity

Over the past 12 months, Icelandic insurance giant Tryggingamidstodin has overhauled its customer experience strategy with a new app and online solution. Built in partnership with an insurtech partner, the digital collaboration has given the incumbent a fresh new voice and image in the digital age. Sigurdur will explain how the partnership originated, the key lessons learned and, most importantly, how the initiative has positively impacted the customer.

Sigurdur Vidarsson, Tryggingamidstodin
Sigurður Viðarsson

Chief Executive Officer , Tryggingamiðstöðin

Leaders’ forum

The insurtech earthquake: insurance in a continuous age of disruption

  • Looking into the 2020s: how will the insurtech landscape develop?
  • Who is set to be the next unicorn?
  • Competitors or partners: how are insurtechs viewed in the industry?
  • Exploring the strategies of incumbents: will insurtechs get bought out?
  • Learning from each other: what are the most powerful aspects of insurtech innovation?
  • What examples are there in the industry currently of fruitful collaboration?
  • Intelligent partnering: when should insurers outsource operations?
  • Will the most important insurance partnerships of the future lie outside the industry?

Anders Schnell, Tillit Forsikring | Insurance Innovators Partner
Anders Schnell

Chief Technology Officer , Tillit Forsikring

Sigurdur Vidarsson, Tryggingamidstodin
Sigurður Viðarsson

Chief Executive Officer , Tryggingamiðstöðin

Rune Brunborg, Tribe
Rune Brunborg

Founder, Tribe

Session 7

Customer is king | 11.0 - 13.00

Case study | Bought by Many

A story of start-up success: customer excellence at heart 

Having launched in 2012, Bought By Many is now an award-winning insurtech that is leading the way in creating better insurance products and customer experience. In this case study, hear from Steve Long as he tells the story of the start-up’s journey and takes a look at what’s on the horizon, including international expansion!

Steve Long, Bought By Many, Insurance Innovators Summit
Steve Long

Head of International , Bought By Many

Case study | Trygg Hansa

Working hand-in-hand for the customer: bringing business and IT together

Trygg-Hansa has established new ways of working with focus on incorporating customer insights into the IT development process. In this case study, Niklas and Linda will outline how this is transforming Trygg-Hansa´s operations and share examples of customer experience improvements as well as lessons learned along the way.

Niklas Eriksson, Trygg-Hansa
Niklas Eriksson

IT Director , Trygg-Hansa

Linda Ohling, Trygg-Hansa
Linda Öhling

Head of Customer Experience , Trygg-Hansa

Panel discussion

Towards a new era in customer experience: grasping the technology opportunities

  • What burning issues are insurers currently facing when it comes to customer experience?
  • Chatbots, voice, natural language processing: which technologies should be prioritised with a view to delighting the customer
  • The power of personalisation: how can new technologies be used to build closer relationships with the customer?
  • Ensuring ROI: what tech changes can be made for big gains?
  • What are the biggest challenges to new technologies and strategies and how can these be overcome?
  • What can insurers learn from the initial successes of chatbots?

Session 8

Exploring future propositions | 14.15 - 15.45

Value-added services: a growth opportunity for insurers
  • How can insurers differentiate themselves in a competitive market?
  • To what extent can insurers win customer loyalty with incentives beyond price?
  • How can insurers use value-added services to increase engagement with customers and improve trust?
  • Are the values added services of today potentially the core of the insurance offering tomorrow?
  • Looking long-term: how can insurers guarantee a return on investments?

On-demand insurance: fad or future?
  • Delving into the on-demand proposition: what do customers really want?
  • What are the pricing implications of on-demand insurance products?
  • How can insurers using the on-demand model minimise vulnerability to fraud?
  • Here to stay? Will on-demand insurance gain mainstream traction?

Jane Kaasgaard, Tryg
Jane Kaasgaard Rasmussen

Vice President - New Business and Customer Innovation , Tryg

Panel discussion

Over the horizon: the evolution of insurance products                

  • Embedded products or insurance as a service: what is the future value proposition of insurance?
  • To what extent will insurance be integrated into everyday life?
  • In what ways will the insurance business models evolve over the next 5 years?
  • Broadening the scope of product innovation: how can insurers capitalise on new data?
  • Evolution or disruption: what will be the next big product innovation?
  • An ‘Uber’ moment in insurance: what is this likely to look like?

Andreas Brostrom, Paydrive
Andreas Broström

Chief Executive Officer & Founder , Paydrive

Ronny Persson
Ronny Persson

Head of New Business , Länsförsäkringar

Mikkel Zimakoff
Mikkel Zimakoff

Director of Price and Product , Tryg

Chair's closing remarks and end of conference | 15.45

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Stay ahead

Gain an edge on your competitors by understanding the key trends, themes and technologies set to shake up Nordic insurance in the next few years


An insurtech evening, 1-to-1 meetings, drinks receptions, workshops, lunch and refreshment breaks – there are so many opportunities to meet new faces and re-connect with old friends at our conference.

Out-of-industry case studies

You demanded and we delivered! We’re working to confirm a series of exciting out-of-industry case studies on motor, excellent customer experience and agile business models.


We have designed two interactive workshops facilitated by expert leaders designed to help you learn, discuss and find solutions to key industry questions.

Technology spotlights

Keeping up with technology trends is the key to survival in the digital age. Quick-fire case studies delivered by industry pioneers on IoT, AI and chatbots will give you an insight to where key industry disruptors are heading next.

Incumbents and insurtechs

Woven throughout the agenda are a variety of perspectives from incumbents and insurtechs. Bright minds, pioneers and senior decision-makers come together to discuss the future of insurance and build new partnerships.

Partner with us

“We’ve worked with Insurance Innovators for a number of years, they really know their audience. If we have any specifications or requirements, they’ll bend over backwards to put us in touch with the right people.” Guidewire


Our attendees tell us their aim is to make meaningful connections with solutions providers. With this in mind, we have created a range of sponsorship opportunities that can help you raise your profile and reach the right people.

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“A great opportunity to have a closer look on the developments in the Nordic insurance markets as well as for networking with inspirational people.” Head of Business Innovation, Helvetia

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