Leveraging AI to drive next-level
personalization of the customer journey

27 May 2021 | 3PM CET | Hosted in our online boardrooms

The customer journey has never been so ripe for personalization; the explosion of data, along with the rise of automation, has created unparalleled opportunities for insurers to deliver both convenience and value to the customer. However, critical questions remain: what levels and forms of personalization will customers expect? Where does the line between helpful and creepy lie? And how can the deployment of AI and virtual agents be better optimized to drive greater value to the customer and free up agent time?

Operating under Chatham House Rules, this Insurance Innovators’ roundtable, held in association with Ablera, is an invitation-only online event that will bring together senior experts working in innovation, technology, digital, IT, data, analytics, AI, customer experience, strategy and claims to discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding the trend towards personalisation, and the role that AI and virtual agents will play.

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The discussion

From usage-based insurance to customized claims handling: where do the great opportunities lie?

Optimising advanced analytics and AI: how can the pain-points be overcome?

Maintaining the personal touch: understanding when and why the human touch is required


Svein Skovly

Head of InnovationFremtind

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Svein Skovly
Svein Skovly

Head of Innovation

Svein Skovly is the head of the Innovation Lab at Fremtind Insurance, a major Norwegian insurance company fully owned by the banks DNB and SpareBank 1. Svein has more than 25 years of experience from the industry and has held various managerial positions in both life and non-life insurance.
Among Svein’s areas of expertise are insurance innovation and the use of data and technology to add value for the customers and the insurance company. The last years Svein has spent working on innovation strategy and culture,  and also development and launch of new IoT based products.


May 27 at 3PM CET
90 minutes
  • Introduction to the roundtable


  • Opening Presentation | Using AI to create an award-winning customer journey


  • Roundtable discussion

Svein Skovly, Head of Innovation, Fremtind

Moderated by Ablera

  • From usage-based insurance to customized claims handling: to what extent are consumers increasingly expecting tailored products and services?
  • The insurer as a trusted life-partner: what role will the insurer play in a pre-emptive, automated landscape?
  • Achieving next-level personalization, convenience and speed: what role will AI play?
  • Where do the current pitfalls in the deployment of advanced analytics and AI lie? How can they be overcome?
  • Maintaining the personal touch: understanding when and why the human touch is required
  • What is the difference between common chat bots and comprehensive intelligent virtual assistants?
  • Where do the main functionalities, practical uses and benefits in customer experience and relationship management lie?
  • Using virtual assistants to drive straight-through processing: what is the future of self-service automation?


  • Closing remarks

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This roundtable is designed for senior experts working in innovation, technology, digital, IT, data, analytics, AI, customer experience, strategy and claims across insurance.

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  • AI based Analytics module with Recommendation, Pricing and Rating components that enable micro-segmentation and superior personalisation
  • New-generation, AI-powered Policy Administration System

All these innovative components enrich the insurer’s portfolio of tools to improve CX, precise risk assessment (risk-adjusted pricing), and personalization of product offering.