Re-imagining the future of Indonesian insurance

19 – 20 February 2020

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

The place for leading insurance professionals from across Indonesia to showcase innovation, challenge the status quo and explore unparalleled growth potential.

Insurance Innovators: Indonesia gets straight to the heart of the challenges facing insurance providers today and lays the groundwork for these challenges to be overcome. From overhauling digital strategies and next-generation technology, to the future of lifestyle app and platforms, Insurance Innovators: Indonesia has got it all covered.

Plus, this is event is co-located with MoneyLIVE: Indonesia, giving you the opportunity to network with and learn from those outside your circle!

Key highlights from 2019

Keynote address from Zia Zaman, Chief Innovation Officer, MetLife

Heard from the digital giants disrupting the insurance space including GO-PAY, OVO and GoBear

Heard from an array of C-level executives from Generali Indonesia, Chubb General Insurance, Zurich Indonesia and more

6+ hours of dedicated networking

Data workshops: discovered how to transform raw data into actionable insights

Explored how innovative FinTechs are influencing financial services in Indonesia

Insurance Innovators: Indonesia 2019 is part of our Financial Services Indonesia series, which also includes MoneyLIVE: Indonesia. In 2019 alone, over 450 senior representatives from the region’s general insurance, life insurance, retail banking and payments industries came together for two days of stimulating discussion and networking.

2019 Speakers

Zia Zaman - Insurance Innovators

Zia Zaman

Chief Innovation Officer, MetLife Asia

Aldi Haryopratomo - GO-PAY

Aldi Haryopratomo

Chief Executive Officer, Go-Pay

Vivin Arbianti - Generali Indonesia

Vivin Arbianti

Chief of Marketing and Customer, Generali Indonesia

Hassan Karim Photo

Hassan Karim

President Director, Zurich Indonesia

Auralusia Rimadiana

Chief Sales and Distribution Officer , Adira Insurance

Juan Cazcarra - AXA

Juan Cazcarra

Director, AXA Indonesia

Tai-Kuan Ly

Tai-Kuan Ly

President Director , Chubb

Destya Danang Praditya

Head of Payment and Financial Service , Bukalapak

More Speakers

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2019 Agenda

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Day 1 Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Day Two Thursday, 21 February 2019


Welcome address - John Lawrence, Director, APAC, Insurance Innovators


Chair's opening remarks - Tony Hobrow, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, VenturesOne

Session 1

The future of Indonesian insurance

Keynote address

Strategy driven transformation: navigating a changing landscape

Juan Cazcarra - AXA
Juan Cazcarra

Director , AXA Indonesia


Digital insurance and the API economy: 2 speed architecture for insurance IT

Augustine Tay

Corporate VP, General Manager, South East Asia & South Pacific , eBaoTech

Panel discussion

Technology, engagement, innovation: achieving industry-wide transformation

  • How is the insurance market developing across Indonesia?
  • Insurance for all: what must be done to foster greater take up?
  • Financial education: how can the need for protection and security be best communicated?
  • Microinsurance: what now and where next?
  • Triumphing in a digital world: what stands in the way of digital progress?
  • AI, RPA, IoT: which new technologies will have the biggest impact on the industry?
  • A spotlight on lifestyle platforms: how will the financial landscape transform in years to come?
  • In what ways will the insurance industry be impacted by super apps?

Hassan Karim Photo
Hassan Karim

President Director , Zurich Indonesia

Vivin Arbianti - Generali Indonesia
Vivin Arbianti

Chief of Marketing and Customer , Generali Indonesia

Juan Cazcarra - AXA
Juan Cazcarra

Director , AXA Indonesia

Rajat Sharma

Head of Sales and Alliances, eBaoTech



Session 2

Engaging consumers - adding value to the customers' lives

Case study  |  FWD MAX by FWD Life

Developing a value-add app: integrating into consumer lifestyles

FWD Life recently launched its FWD Max mobile app, with the purpose of further penetrating the insurance market in Indonesia. With financial services penetration lower than neighbouring countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Maika Randini will explore how FWD Life’s mobile app has transformed its customer engagement approach in Indonesia, and discuss how a lifestyle-focused app can resonate with a range of customers.

Alfi Yani FWD Life
Alfi Yani

Head of Customer Experience , FWD Life


Launching successful connected insurance services

  • From customer engagements to technological foundations: defining clear business strategies
  • Marrying disparate strategies into one: achieving true connected services
  • What’s next for connected services in a digital world?

Jacob Hasson

Executive Vice President, Scope Technology

Case study  |  Chubb Mobile Assistance

Chubb’s Mobile Assistant app allows customers to submit claims digitally through 7 easy steps as well as purchase additional products directly from the app.  The app provides digital convenience to customers in a paper-based industry, and provides efficient interactions via customer mobile devices.  In this case study, Tai-Kuan Ly will explore what it takes to create an app that increases customer satisfaction, and shed light on how digital advancements can drive further customer engagement within the insurance industry.    

Tai-Kuan Ly
Tai-Kuan Ly

President Director , Chubb

Session 3

Embracing the digital shake-up

Panel discussion

From seamless CX to digital marketing: succeeding in a digital-centric world

  • An honest reflection: how successfully has the industry adopted digital advancements to date?
  • Defining internal digital strategies: what should be a focus?
  • The importance of putting the customer first: driving a customer-centric approach internally
  • Brand, loyalty, engagement: exploring the wider opportunities digital change facilitates
  • From legacy systems to board buy-in: what stands in the way of digital advancements?
  • In what ways will digital advancements transform public engagement with insurers?
  • Getting it right: what can be learned from digital triumphs in China, Thailand and Singapore?
  • Indonesia’s digital ecosystem of the future: will insurers lead the way?

Aditya Budi - Speaker Photo
Aditya Budi

Chief Executive Officer , Premiro

Cleosent Randing - Pasarpolis
Cleosent Randing

Founder , PT. PasarPolis

Loh Ben Jern - Tune Protect Group
Loh Ben Jern

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer , Tune Protect Group



Session 4

Taking a technological leap forwards


From big data to cognitive services: scoping out the opportunities

In this presentation, Sitecore will share examples of successful technological innovation within the insurance industry, as well as the strategic ambitions of leading insurers – be inspired from those leading the way with IoT, big data and personalisation.

Anthony Chan

Vice President, Head of Strategic Products Sales and Value Engineering , Sitecore


Enhanced insurance: uncovering the power of new technologies

Prudential has successfully utilized new technologies such as automation and analytics to strengthen their insurance processes, which has improved the accuracy of risk identification, made claims processing more efficient, and more.  In this presentation, Iskak Hendrawan will explore the impacts of new technologies on the insurance industry, and how these tech advancements can be implemented effectively into businesses.

Iskak Hendrawan 2018 speaking at Insurance Innovators Indonesia 2018
Iskak Hendrawan

Chief Technology Officer , Prudential Indonesia


Automating investment linked fund admin – a technological case study


Matthew Baldwin _ FRS
Matthew Baldwin

Managing Director Asia , Financial Risk Solutions

Panel discussion

Succeeding in the technological revolution: defining a robust strategy

  • From legacy systems to agile infrastructure: how can insurers bridge the gap?
  • From AI to RPA: how will new technologies transform the insurance industry?
  • Readying the workforce for in-house transformation: what skills should be developed?
  • Viewing technology as an enabler, not a cost: gaining buy-in from all levels
  • Exploring the potential of the cloud: the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Outsource versus build: what must be taken into consideration when defining a tech strategy?
  • Malware, phishing, shadow IT: strengthening security systems to accommodate change

Iskak Hendrawan 2018 speaking at Insurance Innovators Indonesia 2018
Iskak Hendrawan

Chief Technology Officer , Prudential Indonesia

Wilmen Lusthom

Head of Information Technology , Pan Pacific Insurance

Benny Hinadrayanto

Head of IT Development , BCA Insurance



Session 5

All aboard the FinTech Express!

Panel discussion

Innovation central: navigating a vast sea of game-changing opportunities

  • From engagement to microproducts: how are FinTechs transforming financial services?
  • Cracking the millennial market: are FinTechs key to millennial engagement? If so, why?
  • What is needed from the government to support FinTech developments?
  • Incumbents and FinTechs: what must be considered when forming strategic partnerships?
  • How can partnerships between incumbents and FinTechs accelerate digital advancements?
  • Change is coming: how will players like GRAB and GO-JEK disrupt banks and insurers?

Rian Kaslan

Head of Strategy and Digital Solutions , Bank Commonwealth

Vishal Tulsian

Chief Executive Officer , Amar Bank

Adjeng AturDuit - imoney
Adjeng Praja

Head of Business Development , imoney

Ganesh Rengaswamy

Co-founding Partner , Quona


Digital commerce of the future: how is digital CX set to transform?

In this presentation, Andrew will dig deep into current user experiences, uncover the impacts next-generation AI will have on current processes and explore the potential of conversational commerce in years to come.

Andrew Taggart - PwC
Andrew Taggart

Partner, Financial Services Leader , PwC

Exclusive interview

The age of FinTechs: a perfect bridge for financial services

Aldi Haryopratomo - GO-PAY
Aldi Haryopratomo

Chief Executive Officer , Go-Pay


Chair's closing remarks, followed by a drinks reception - Tony Hobrow, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, VenturesOne


Chair's opening remarks - Gilbert Naibaho, Director, Chief Operations Officer, Lippo Insurance

Keynote address


Revolutionising insurance: making insurance a ‘must have’ for customers

Zia Zaman - Insurance Innovators
Zia Zaman

Chief Innovation Officer , MetLife Asia

Session 6

Tomorrow's distribution landscape


Digital versus agents: balancing the traditional with the disruptive

  • Reflecting on recent developments: how has distribution changed over the past 5 years?
  • F2F versus digital: how do clients prefer to interact?
  • The role of the agent: to what extent are agents core to maintaining engagement?
  • The evolving distribution scene: will apps lead the way for future interactions?

Auralusia Rimadiana

Chief Sales and Distribution Officer , Adira Insurance


Connecting with customers in the digital world: strategies for success

  • What does a successful customer experience look like?
  • Diving into the role of the agent: a focus on sales conversions
  • Uncovering the value of digital transformation
  • A look into success stories: what can be learned for years to come?

Zal Dastur

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder , Lucep

Panel discussion

The future of distribution: scanning the horizon for new opportunities

  • Capitalising on a mobile-centric nation: is this the answer to reaching disparate islands?
  • Exploring the potential of aggregators in Indonesia
  • From tariffs to consumer behaviour: what’s stopping new distribution channels from taking off?
  • What is required from the regulator to enable diverse distribution networks that work?
  • From Facebook to Line: what opportunities do social media present for distribution?
  • Getting creative: how else might insurance products be distributed in the connected world?

Alberto Hanani - SLU Assurance
Alberto Hanani

President Director , Sarana Lindung Upaya

Julien Combaret

Operation Support Director , PT Asuransi ABDA

Tania Chandra - Equity Life
Tania Chandra

Alternative Distribution Director , Equity Life Indonesia



Session 7

Workshop | Lightning pitches

Lightning Pitches

In this session delegates will have the chance to attend the workshop or attend the lightning pitches


Best practice for data protection: lessons from Europe

With personal data protection becoming a focus for regulators across the world, Indonesian insurers and banks must be ready for future data protection initiatives to come.  This workshop will uncover best practice for consumer data protection, as well as explore lessons learned from GDPR in Europe.

Led by:

Johar Shadiq - Bank BNTP
Johar Shodiq

Head of Data Architect and Governance , Bank BTPN


Time to switch sessions


Workshop repeated

Each FinTech and InsurTech will get 10 minutes to explore their exciting businesses and innovations.

Chair’s opening remarks

Gilbert Naibaho

Director, Chief Operating Officer , Lippo General Insurance

Pitch 1 | Provesty

Provesty is a tech enabled Peer-to-Peer crowdfunding startup for real estate investment and development in Indonesia

Muhammad Izzatullah

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Provesty

Pitch 2 |

YONK is a mobile application to help the Small & Medium Enterprises in Indonesia to have cash flow worry free.

Leonardus Gazali

Chief Executive Officer ,

Pitch 3 | FidentiaX

World’s 1st Marketplace for Tradable Insurance Policies

Alvin Ang, FidentiaX
Alvin Ang

Co-Founder , FidentiaX

Pitch 4 | Gradana Indonesia

P2P lending for mortgage down payment financing

Angela Oetama

Co-Founder , Gradana Indonesia

Pitch 5 | Xfers

A Singaporean-based payment processing gateway offering credit card processing and Internet banking transfers

Tianwei Liu Xfers
Tianwei Liu

Chief Executive Officer , Xfers

Pitch 6 | TADA

Customer loyalty is dead. Advertising is ineffective. Why Financial Services in Indonesia should focus on advocacy instead…

Antonius Taufan, Tada
Antonius Taufan

Managing Director, Tada



Session 8

Marketplace-led platforms - are we on the brink of a revolution?


Getting creative: rethinking and rewiring insurance

  • From partnerships to cross-industry inspiration: defining the changes to come
  • An entertainment industry perspective: what are the opportunities and challenges for insurers?
  • Quick wins with Air Asia: successful strategies and lessons learned

Loh Ben Jern - Tune Protect Group
Loh Ben Jern

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer , Tune Protect Group


Convenient, transparent, accessible: exploring the financial platforms of today

Marnix Zwart

Chief Product Officer , GoBear

Panel discussion

A strategic overview: the role of insurers in the platform-driven age

  • Defining today’s platform: multiple services in one location
  • Insurance behind the scenes: how will insurance fit into the platform-led world?
  • How can insurers’ best prepare for platform integration in the next 5 years?
  • The threat of disintermediation: can relationships with customers be maintained?
  • From values to technology: what needs to be a focus when securing successful partnerships?
  • What challenges can be expected when integrating with external players?
  • Readying the workforce for transformation: what new skills need to be developed?
  • Looking to Europe: lessons learned from open banking and open APIs
  • An opportunity for enhanced engagement: improving financial inclusion through platforms

John M Lerebulan

Director of Agency , AXA

Marnix Zwart

Chief Product Officer , GoBear

Kartina Sury
Kartina Sury

Senior Vice President Digital & Marketing, Senior Researcher , STIE Kusumanegara

Alpha Ho - CII
Alpha Ho

Corporate Development Manager , Chartered Insurance Institute

Session 9

Visionary spotlight

Closing keynote address

The super apps are coming: being part of consumers’ everyday lives

Harianto Gunawan

Director of Enterprise Payments , OVO


Chair's closing remarks, end of conference, Gilbert Naibaho, Director, Chief Operating Officer, Lippo Insurance

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