Pushing the boundaries of digital innovation


3 – 4 March, 2020

Sofitel Hotel Munich Bayerpost, Germany


Get up to speed on all the latest tech innovations at Digital Insurance 2020 – the event which gives you practical, hands-on insights from Europe’s leading digital incumbent and insurtech pioneers.


From implementing strategic innovation and harnessing the power of new data, to revolutionising the customer experience and effectively integrating new technologies, this event will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to fully capitalise on all things digital. Shake off those legacy cobwebs, get inspired by our stellar speakers and embrace the future of insurance.



Steven Zuanella, RSA

Steven Zuanella

Group Chief Digital Officer, Generali

Mark Klein, ERGO

Mark Klein

Chief Digital Officer, ERGO

Inji Charkani, AXA Partners

Inji Charkani

Chief Innovation Officer, AXA Partners

Agnieszka Wronska Link4 Photo

Agnieszka Wrońska

Chief Executive Officer, Link4

Alexander Bocklemann, Baloise

Alexander Bockelmann

Group Chief Technology Officer, Baloise

Matteo Cattaneo, Reale Mutua

Matteo Cattaneo

Chief Digital Innovation Officer, Reale Mutua


Petar Dobric

Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, Generali

Emanuel Issagholian, Gothaer

Emanuel Issagholian

Chief Digital Officer, Gothaer

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Why attend


Make every minute relevant to you

This two day event will have a range of plenaries, panel discussions, case studies and workshops so that delegates can choose their content and tailor the experience to their needs: from innovation strategy to data management, AI developments to product innovation, there’s something for everyone in this year’s jam-packed agenda!

Connect with the right people

Join 200+ thought leaders and experts from across the European insurance industry. Take the chance to meet and build lasting relationships with new business connections, from the multiple networking opportunities we offer.

Disruptors meet digital

Explore new frontiers of digital insurance with case study insights from innovative insurtechs including La Parisienne, Qover, Flock, vlot and ELEMENT. Check out the competition, be inspired by exciting initiatives and products, and find out about the radical ways in which they are leveraging technology to reshape insurance.

In-depth workshops

Where will AI developments take us next? What steps can businesses take to make the claims process seamless? How can insurance apps become more engaging? Explore these topics in-depth with hands-on workshops led by industry leaders.

“A great and insightful conference that always offers a broader perspective of the insurance industry and the challenges we face.”


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Day One Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Day Two Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Welcome address and Chair's opening remarks

Session 1

Achieving the digital dream | 09.10 - 10.40

Keynote address

Leveraging digital innovation to accelerate growth

Steven will draw upon his twenty years of experience in digital innovation and reveal how developing a cohesive transformation strategy allows insurers to continually evolve.

Steven Zuanella, RSA
Steven Zuanella

Group Chief Digital Officer , Generali

Keynote address 

Open Innovation at scale: less sandboxes, more value

Digitalisation is changing how consumers perceive insurance. Inji will address the need to innovate to remain relevant to the digital customer.

Inji Charkani, AXA Partners
Inji Charkani

Chief Innovation Officer , AXA Partners

Leaders’ forum

Looking beyond 2020: what’s the innovation endgame?

  • Achieving meaningful change: what problem is innovation trying to solve?
  • The profitability paradox: how can insurers align innovation with wider business interests?
  • What practical steps should insurers take to integrate innovative initiatives into the mainstream business?
  • Where is the scope for innovation within commercial lines?
  • How will digital transformation impact the insurance workforce?
  • From cloud to AI: which technologies are set to be the most transformational?
  • What will the digital insurance landscape look like in 5 years?

Mark Klein, ERGO
Mark Klein

Chief Digital Officer , ERGO

Hallvard Natvik
Hallvard Natvik

Chief Information Officer , Frende Insurance

Agnieszka Wronska Link4 Photo
Agnieszka Wrońska

Chief Executive Officer , Link4

Steven Zuanella, RSA
Steven Zuanella

Group Chief Digital Officer , Generali

Session 2

Delivering a seamless experience for the digital customer | Workshop I – AI | 11.10 - 12.25

Delivering a seamless experience for the digital customer
Workshop I – AI

Chair’s opening remarks

Case study | Tryg

Digital customer empowerment

Faced with the challenge of becoming disconnected from its customers, Tryg leveraged digital solutions to create an enhanced customer experience. Jane Kaasgard will detail how Tryg implemented a user-friendly digital customer interaction experience through the creation of a customer self-service platform.

Jane Kaasgaard, Tryg
Jane Kaasgaard Rasmussen

Vice President - New Business and Customer Innovation , Tryg

Case study | Folksam

Leveraging chatbot technology to enhance the customer experience

In this case study, delegates will gain an understanding into how AI based digital assistants have been able to enhance customer experience. From answering queries to settling mobile claims, Folksam’s digital assistant has made the customer experience more rounded. Take this opportunity to find out about the challenges around when and where to implement chatbots, as well as key steps to ensure success.

Stefan Reifalk, Folksam
Stefan Reifalk

Senior Research & Development Folksam FutureLab , Folksam

Panel discussion

Customer engagement in a digital world

  • What steps can insurers take to create a stronger, more engaging customer relationship?
  • Where is the industry currently falling short?
  • Leveraging a wider ecosystem: how can insurers add more at key stages in customers’ lives?
  • Will simplifying the insurance process lead to improved customer engagement?
  • Looking beyond digital natives: how can insurers develop a digital strategy that engages across demographics?
  • What more can insurers do to improve customer loyalty?
  • What other industries can insurers look to for inspiration?

Jane Kaasgaard, Tryg
Jane Kaasgaard Rasmussen

Vice President - New Business and Customer Innovation , Tryg

Petar Dobric

Chief Marketing and Customer Officer , Generali

Jörg-Tobias Hinterthür, Zurich
Jörg-Tobias Hinterthür

Head of Smart Home innovation Lab , Zurich

Erik Holmgren
Erik Holmgren

Research and Development , Folksam

Introduction to workshop

Exploring the practicalities of AI in insurance

In this workshop delegates can explore how AI is being practically implemented within insurance. Take this opportunity to gain in depth insights into its everyday applications and how to overcome common pitfalls when it comes to AI in insurance.

Stig Pedersen, Topdanmark, Insurance Innovators Summit
Stig Pedersen

Head of Group Machine Learning , Topdanmark

Workshop discussion

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Overcoming the challenge of integrating AI within a legacy framework
  • Building successful data models to develop machine learning
  • Making AI profitable: how to ensure cost reduction for the wider business
  • From operational efficiency to customer experience: how to prioritise the applications of AI

Session 3

Digital transformation: practical strategies for success | Workshop II – Claims | 13.40 - 14.45

Digital transformation: practical strategies for success
Workshop II – Claims

Achieving agility: building the insurer of tomorrow

  • How can insurers leverage cloud technology to overcome legacy challenges?
  • What steps should insurers take to encourage agility across the business?
  • How should organisational culture change to facilitate digital transformation?
  • From operational to strategic agility: what’s the end goal?

Alexander Bocklemann, Baloise
Alexander Bockelmann

Group Chief Technology Officer , Baloise

Fireside chat

Implementing a cohesive tech strategy across the whole business

  • How can insurers build strong tech foundations to help facilitate further innovation?
  • The challenge of integration: how can insurers seamlessly integrate multiple technologies?
  • How can departments work better together to facilitate wider tech adoption?
  • What steps can insurers take to effectively overcome information siloes?
  • How can insurers effectively align technological developments with the human workforce?
  • What steps can insurers take now to future-proof tech strategies?

Gregor Wiest
Gregor Wiest

Head of Innovation , ERGO

Michele Williams, AXA
Michele Williams

Head of XSE , Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty

Introduction to workshop

Holistic, digital, seamless: transforming the claims process

In this workshop, delegates will explore what customers want from the claims process and how this can be delivered.

Jan-Erik Fredriksson, If P&C
Jan-Erik Fredriksson

Nordic Head of Digital and Business Development, Claims , If P&C

Workshop discussion

Subjects covered will include:

  • Where does new technology offer opportunity to transform the claims process?
  • How can data analytics be utilised to better detect claims fraud?
  • What steps can be taken in the claims process to “win-over” customers?
  • Does a shorter claims life cycle allow for bigger returns?

Session 4

The golden age of data | 14.45-15.55

The golden age of data

Navigating the new data landscape

  • Assessing data relevance: strategies for success
  • Unstructured, IoT, voice, visual: effectively utilising new data sources
  • How can insurers encourage consumers to give access to their data?
  • Monetising the data goldmine: what new revenue streams are available to insurers?

Benedikt Laudage, Allianz
Benedikt Laudage

Head of Data Analytics , Allianz

Weather as a strategic success factor for the insurance business

Michael Fassnauer
Dr. Michael Fassnauer

Chief Executive Officer , Ubimet

Panel discussion

Data management strategies for the digital insurer

  • Laying the foundations: ensuring database infrastructures are fit for purpose
  • How can insurers use AI and machine learning to make sense of the vast amounts of unstructured data available?
  • Is a data lake strategy the right approach?
  • How will new technologies help to facilitate better data management?
  • Unleashing the full power of data: what does a robust data analytics strategy look like?
  • How can insurers successfully manage customer data to provide better offerings?
  • What steps should insurers take to reassure consumers that their personal data is safe?

Thomas Schreiner, Munich Re
Thomas Schreiner

Head of Claims Data, Systems & Analytics , Munich Re

Paul Brandstaetter, Uniqa | Counter Fraud 2019 | Insurance Innovators
Paul Brandstaetter

Head of P&C Analytics , UNIQA

Jon Holtan
Jon Holtan

Head of Product, Data and Analytics , Fremtind

Benedikt Laudage, Allianz
Benedikt Laudage

Head of Data Analytics , Allianz

Session 5

Out of industry insights | 16.25 - 18.05

Out of industry | Facebook

Making a success of a mobile world

Mobile technology and recent developments such as open banking have radically changed how customers interact with financial services brands. In this address, Thorsten from Facebook will take a deep dive into how technology is augmenting relationships between consumers and brands, and what this means for the future of customer engagement and interaction within financial services.

Speaker placeholder
Thorsten Paech

Client Solutions Manager , Facebook

Out of industry | Danske Bank

Meeting the digital challenge head on: an open banking perspective

Danske Bank see open banking as an opportunity rather than a regulatory challenge. Philipp Hövelmann will detail how through embracing open banking and open APIs, Danske Bank have been able to build innovative partnerships and digital solutions that really benefit their customers.

Speaker placeholder
Philipp Hövelmann

Open Banking Lead , Danske Bank

Chair’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception

Chair's opening remarks

Session 6

Partnerships and platforms – a new insurance paradigm | 09.00 - 10.35

Keynote address

Beyond open innovation: exploring the future of ecosystems

Are insurers fully prepared for the rise of the platform economy? Matteo investigates the need for open innovation and the role insurers will have to play in increasingly connected ecosystems.

Matteo Cattaneo, Reale Mutua
Matteo Cattaneo

Chief Digital Innovation Officer , Reale Mutua

Case study | ONE Insurance & Munich Re

Identifying risks before they arise: the power of insurtech-incumbent collaboration

Munich Re and ONE Insurance have successfully collaborated to create an innovative app which analyses customer data to provide an insurance solution tailored to their lives, and through the generating of a risk score, allows customers to reduce their premiums. Oliver Lang and Sebastian Schmidt will delve into the ins and outs of an insurer-insurtech partnership, how to make a partnership succeed, the possibilities for wider collaboration and the benefits collaboration brings.

Oliver Lang, ONE Insurance
Oliver Lang

Chief Executive Officer , ONE Insurance

Sebastian Schmidt, Munich Re
Sebastian Schmidt

Senior Innovation Manager , Munich Re

Leaders’ forum

Open insurance: creating value through collaboration

  • What strategies need to be adopted to ensure collaborative success?
  • From distribution to claims: where does an open approach stand to have the greatest impact?
  • How can insurers determine which APIs to prioritise and how can these be monetised?
  • The rise of the platform economy: how are partnerships & ecosystems set to develop?
  • What will the role of insurers be in the platform economy?
  • What’s the business the case for integrating on to another platform?
  • To what extent will platforms affect the customer relationship?

How must insurers prepare for the platform economy?

Matteo Cattaneo, Reale Mutua
Matteo Cattaneo

Chief Digital Innovation Officer , Reale Mutua

Claudia Bienentreu, AXA
Claudia Bienentreu

Head of Open Innovation , AXA

Suzanne Akten, ING
Suzanne Akten

Managing Director and Tribe Lead of ING and AXA Bancassurance Partnership , ING

Emanuel Issagholian, Gothaer
Emanuel Issagholian

Chief Digital Officer , Gothaer

Session 7

Where next for connected insurance? | Workshop III – Building an engaging customer app | 11.05 - 12.40

Where next for connected insurance?
Workshop III – Building an engaging customer app

Chair’s opening remarks

Insuring peace of mind: the next phase of the connected home

  • Value-added services and the smart home: assessing the current state of play
  • What are the current challenges around the smart home?
  • How can insurers better engage consumers with the connected home?
  • From smart sensors to voice technology: what will the connected home ecosystem of the future look like?

Jörg-Tobias Hinterthür, Zurich
Jörg-Tobias Hinterthür

Head of Smart Home innovation Lab , Zurich

Telematics 2.0: assessing the scope for development

  • A fully connected motor ecosystem: how is telematics set to develop?
  • What scope is there for further telematics development within the commercial sphere?
  • From mobility to home: what’s the next frontier for telematics?
  • Has the industry reached its limit with telematics?

Panel discussion

Making connected insurance a success

  • Meeting customer demands: how can current connected offerings be built upon and expanded?
  • What steps need to be taken by insurers to make connected devices appeal to broader demographics?
  • Making connected insurance profitable: what new revenue streams are available to insurers?
  • Effectively using connected data: what must insurers do?
  • How can insurers overcome the IoT security challenge?
  • A fully-connected ecosystem: what does the future hold?

Jörg-Tobias Hinterthür, Zurich
Jörg-Tobias Hinterthür

Head of Smart Home innovation Lab , Zurich

Cecilia Sevillano
Cecilia Sevillano

Head of Smart Homes Solutions , Swiss Re

Luigi Barcarolo, Cattolica Assicurazioni
Luigi Barcarolo

Director of Motor Insurance, Insurance Analytics & Business Architecture , Cattolica Assicurazioni

Jurgen Wildvank, Nationale-Nederlanden
Jurgen Wildvank

Head of Sparklab , Nationale-Nederlanden

Introduction to workshop

Creating an insurance app for effective customer engagement

In this workshop, delegates will learn about the app development process, how to make an app engaging to a customer, and the steps needed to enhance and develop an app further.

Clemens Bachmair, Creadi
Clemens Bachmair

Chief Technology Officer , Creadi AG

Oliver Johnson, Creadi AG
Oliver Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer , Creadi AG

Workshop discussion

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Understanding how customers use insurance apps
  • How can the balance between ease of use and complex features be struck?
  • Developing unique features to stand out for the crowd
  • How can the app be integrated into product offerings?

Session 8

Product innovation hub | 13.55 - 16.30

Case study 1| Flock

From risk mitigation to pricing: real-time insurance for a real-time world

90% of all the data in the world was created in the last two years. Phones, cars and cities are collecting millions of data points every day. So how can we harness this data to build better insurance policies? In this talk, Ed Leon Klinger, CEO of Flock will explain how the British insurtech partnered with Allianz to create a unique, pay-as-you-fly drone insurance product using its powerful risk intelligence engine. Flock is now insuring the world’s largest drone fleets and bringing its technology to existing and new insurance verticals, from general aviation to autonomous cars.

Ed Klinger, Flock Cover
Ed Leon Klinger

Chief Executive Officer , Flock Cover

Case study 2| La Parisienne

On-demand connected insurance:

In this case study, Alexandre will detail how La Parisienne has, in partnership with Sigfox France, developed a usage-based-insurance solution using IoT. Vehicles equipped with a sensor automatically switch on the insurance when the vehicle is in use, as well as sending messages over the Sigfox network, which can automatically trigger secure transactions that can settle claims on La Parisienne’s private blockchain.

Alexandre Rispal
Alexandre Rispal

Chief Revenue Officer , La Parisienne

Case study 3| vlot

Enabling people to make financially responsible decisions.

In this case study, vlot will present its unique B2B approach for life insurance solutions. Focusing on a highly precise income gap analysis based on employer and state risk benefits, vlot swiftly provides an intuitive financial check-up by digitizing and aggregating relevant financial data.

Daniel Schmidheiny
Daniel Schmidheiny

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer , Vlot

Michael Dritsas
Michael Dritsas

Chief Executive Officer , Vlot

Case study 4 | Leocare

A fully mobile, flexible insurance experience

Leocare are France’s first neo-insurer, with a fully mobile, flexible mobile solution for car, housing and motorbike insurance. Christophe Dandois will detail how Leocare developed their mobile solution and the impact of a fully mobile experience upon the claims process and customer experience

Christophe Dandois, Leocare
Christophe Dandois

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer , Leocare

Case study 5 | ELEMENT

Creating a product platform entirely from scratch

ELEMENT have successfully created a white label digital product platform which allows their partners from across multiple industries to develop innovative, customer-focused products in record time. Timo Hertweck will delve into how the development of this platform has allowed Element to create fully digitised products for their partners customer needs.

Timo Hertweck, Element
Timo Hertweck

Board Member , ELEMENT

Panel discussion

Meeting the needs of the digital customer: a product perspective

  • What steps should insurers take to make sure that products meet customer needs?
  • How will technological developments enable further product innovations?
  • Where is there scope to add value around the core insurance product?
  • Moving from compensation to risk prevention: to what extent are data driven value-added services set to take off?
  • Finding the right balance: when does personalisation become too much?
  • The rise of niche products: how will this change the scope of insurance?
  • To what extent will niche products be bundled with broader, more traditional insurance offerings?
  • What will the insurance products of tomorrow look like?

Jean-Charles Velge, Qover
Jean-Charles Velge

Co-founder , Qover

Terese Holmquist
Terese Homquist

Head of Product , Länsförsäkringar

Chair's closing remarks and end of conference

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