Exploring the transformational potential of IoT

21 March 2019

Hilton Tower Bridge, Tooley Street,  London

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Jam-Packed Day


Connected Insurance 2019 is the digital insurance event where you will get the latest updates and insights on everything connected!


From IoT-enabled offerings and value-added services, to product innovation and overhauling business models, we’ve got everything covered. Building on the standout success of Insurance Innovators: Motor, we strive to diversify and grow with the industry; creating an industry platform that caters to all senior executives across a range of connected functions including: motor, home, smart, digital, innovation and more.


Make every minute relevant to you


The one-day agenda will have both plenary and breakout sessions so that delegates can tailor their experience and choose the most relevant content; from connected claims and data management, to profitable product innovation and transformational business models – there’s plenty to choose from!

25 carefully selected speakers


Get the latest updates and insights on everything connected with our case study-led agenda. How can new technology be integrated? What does a successful value proposition look like? Find out with sessions from European insurance heavyweights including, Aviva, Generali, ERGO and Swiss Re.

Meet the disruptors


Explore new realms of connectivity with insights from exciting insurtechs, including Carrot Insurance, Neos, Pluto, Pukka and ThingCo. Scope out the competition, be inspired by innovative initiatives and learn about the revolutionary ways in which they are harnessing new technology to disrupt the industry.

“Excellent conference, both for its content and the quality of interactions with participants.”

Chief Executive Officer, Wilov

“Really well attended and very high-quality content. An essential date in my diary every year.”

Managing Director, Carrot Insurance

“A thought provoking and engaging conference with great input from the insurance industry’s key players”

Chief Technical Officer, Thatcham


Andries Smit

Andries Smit

Managing Director, Global Digital Factory, Aviva

Roar Skorge

Roar Skorge

Chief Digital and Chief Information Officer, SpareBank 1 Forsikring

Sam White

Sam White

Chief Executive Officer, Pukka Insure

Peter Stockhammer

Peter Stockhammer

Managing Director, Generali Vitality

Ed Rochfort

Ed Rochfort

Managing Director, Carrot Insurance

Jenny Trueman

Jenny Trueman

Head of Connected Homes and Product Innovation, Direct Line Group

Gregor Wiest, ERGO

Gregor Wiest

Head of Innovation, ERGO

Lorenzo Bacca

Lorenzo Bacca

Group Head of Business Development and Innovation, Generali

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Thursday Thursday, 21 March 2019


Welcome address and chair's opening remarks

Session 1

Making connected insurance a reality

Keynote address

Capitalising on an increasingly connected motor landscape

Ed Rochfort
Ed Rochfort

Managing Director , Carrot Insurance

Keynote address

Developing a service-based value proposition for the home

Andries Smit
Andries Smit

Managing Director, Global Digital Factory , Aviva


Welcoming a new age of insurance: from transformative tech to new business models

Leaders’ forum

Innovating beyond the core: making connected insurance a success

  • What will an holistic personal insurance proposition look like in a connected ecosystem?
  • To what extent will individual product lines become increasingly blurred?
  • What are the biggest barriers to connected insurance becoming a reality?
  • How can insurers encourage consumers to get on board with all things connected?
  • Shifting internal mindsets: what steps must be taken to ensure legacy thinking doesn’t act as a blocker?
  • What new risks to data security are insurers anticipating in a connected ecosystem?
  • Will the future of insurance hinge on the ability to deliver meaningful and personalised value-added services?
  • Will insurance ever become automatically re-adjusted and distributed dependent on the customer’s personal circumstances at any given time

Andries Smit
Andries Smit

Managing Director, Global Digital Factory , Aviva

Roar Skorge
Roar Skorge

Chief Digital and Chief Information Officer , SpareBank 1 Forsikring

Kenny Leitch, RSA
Kenny Leitch

Global Connected Insurance Director, RSA

Ed Rochfort
Ed Rochfort

Managing Director , Carrot Insurance

Session 2

The golden age of data | Keeping the customer at the heart of connectivity | Motor workshop 1

The golden age of data | Coral Stage
Keeping the customer at the heart of connectivity | Jade Stage
Motor workshop 1 | Onyx Room

Building a robust IoT data strategy

  • Unlocking the full potential of IoT: what systems and processes are needed?
  • Drowning in data: how can insurers prioritise?
  • How will IoT-derived data change the way insurers manage risk?
  • In what ways will the use of data evolve over the next 5 years?

Stefan Maczkowski Aviva
Stefan Maczkowski

Head of Data Strategy , Aviva

Case study

Empowering the customer with data

Whilst it’s paramount that insurers get consumers on board with sharing their own data, it is also critical that they give back to the customer too. In this case study, delegates will get the chance to explore how insurers can empower customers through their own data sharing initiatives. Take this opportunity to see how enhanced transparency and and the principle of giving back can both empower the customer and encourage collaborative prevention.


Capitalising on the Information of Everything

Senior representative, LexisNexis

Fireside chat

Knowledge is power: turning data into profit

  • Which sources of new data are most valuable to insurers?
  • How can insurers successfully integrate diverse data sets from multiple devices?
  • Leveraging AI and machine learning to gain meaningful insights: lessons for success
  • What use cases of AI can be seen as successful in the industry right now?
  • Using real-time data for real-time impact: where in the value chain can gains be made in terms of speed and efficiency?
  • Data as a commodity: will insurers trade in data?

Case study | Generali Vitality

Transforming insurance from protection to prevention in Europe

In this case study, Peter Stockhammer will delve into how Generali Vitality has transformed the very nature of insurance from the inside out. Delegates will find out how Generali Vitality is creating value by developing simple and smart solutions tailored specifically around the needs of our customers.

Peter Stockhammer
Peter Stockhammer

Managing Director , Generali Vitality

Case study | Neos

“Alexa, ask Neos to arm my home”: using technology to drive tangible customer experience

In this case study, Matt Poll, CEO and Founder at Neos, will explore how new technologies, including voice technology, are an enabler of the smart home and what it means for the future of insurer’s interaction with the customer. Delegates will delve into the exciting opportunities presented to insurers in a new ecosystem, explore where the real value lies and discover why thinking beyond insurance is crucial for a successful connected strategy.

Matt Poll, Neos
Matt Poll

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Neos


An overhaul in customer interaction: turning insurance into a lifestyle product

Fireside chat

Making connected insurance a mass market proposition

  • What can be learned from current customer uptake of connected insurance products?
  • Push of fear vs. the pull of safety: how can the value of smart devices be effectively communicated to consumers?
  • How can scepticism be overcome?
  • How can different demographics be empowered by connected insurance propositions?
  • Beyond traditional marketing: in what ways must insurers change their tack to effectively engage customers with new offerings?
  • How can insurers reassure consumers amid concerns of cyber hacks and privacy threats?

Katy Simpson
Katy Simpson

Head Telematics , AXA

Cecilia Sevillano
Cecilia Sevillano

Head of Smart Homes Solutions , Swiss RE


Motor in focus: next-generation underwriting

What does the future hold for motor underwriting? Find out in this workshop! Delegates will get the chance to explore how new technologies are set to impact underwriting and the strategies needed for insurers to stay ahead of the curve. How are changing mobility trends affecting risk? What must insurers do to prepare? What role will underwriters play in the future?



Session 3

Connected claims | Next-generation insurance propositions | Motor workshop 2

Connected claims | Coral Stage
Next-generation insurance propositions
Motor workshop 2 | Onyx Room

Imagining the claims supply chain of the future

  • In what ways will enhanced connectivity impact the current claims supply chain?
  • Data sharing during the claims process: what will this look like in a connected ecosystem?
  • How can insurers handle the rising cost of claims?
  • In what areas can costs be reduced to counteract other increases?

Terje Bronstad
Terje Brønstad

Head of Property Claims Norway , If P&C

Case study

AI + smart technology: a recipe to streamline motor claims

In this case study, delegates will hear how leading insurers are using a combination of AI, location sensors and smartphone apps to achieve same-day insurance payouts for motor claims. See how a combination of new technologies allows customers to experience a slick end-to-end claims process, from reporting the accident to the payout itself. Delegates will find out how the successful integration of new technologies into this one process has improved both speed and accuracy.


Tech in focus: delving into the future of claims management

Fireside chat

Re-engineering claims to satisfy customer expectations

  • Automation vs. the personal touch: how can insurers strike the right balance?
  • Self-service claims: when will this become a reality across the market?
  • In what ways can efficiency be achieved without compromising the customer experience?
  • Unlocking the transformative potential of AI in claims: how can new technology be successfully integrated?
  • Beyond the ‘one-size fits all’ claims journey: how can insurers tailor the claims experience to individual customer needs?
  • What are the new opportunities for claims fraud in an increasingly connected ecosystem and how can these be overcome?

Sam White
Sam White

Chief Executive Officer , Pukka Insure

Simon Gallimore
Simon Gallimore

Director of Casualty Claims, UK , AIG


Lessons in product development

  • Tackling customer pain points holistically: thinking about the end-to-end journey
  • Practical lessons in data-driven decision making: choosing features carefully
  • Context and complementarity: how do new ideas align with current product offerings?
  • Beyond the idea: test, learn and commit

Jenny Trueman
Jenny Trueman

Head of Connected Homes and Product Innovation , Direct Line Group

Case study

Life-changing value-added services

In this case study, delegates will get the chance to explore the ins and outs of new products that have the ability to dramatically improve the customer’s life and well being. Find out how these products and services are taking off with the wider customer base and what lessons can be learned when designing propositions that are beyond the core insurance model.


Streamline, accelerate, innovate: developing a strategy for constant innovation

Fireside chat

Creating a profitable proposition: making value-added insurance work for the business

  • What is the business case for broadening the scope of insurance beyond the core product?
  • What new revenue streams are available to insurers in this new connected environment?
  • How can additional services be monetised by insurers?
  • Will new data collected through IoT products be traded with organisations outside insurance for money?
  • The importance of scaling quickly: what are the common pitfalls that prevent quick adoption?

Gregor Wiest, ERGO
Gregor Wiest

Head of Innovation , ERGO

Lorenzo Bacca
Lorenzo Bacca

Group Head of Business Development and Innovation , Generali


Next-level telematics and the future of vehicle connectivity

In this workshop, delegates will have the chance to explore in depth the evolution of telematics and how the technology is shifting up a gear. How can insurers tap into the huge potential presented by in-car connectivity? What’s next when it comes to ‘nudging’ customer behaviour? What lies ahead for connected technology in vehicles?

Tim Marlow - Ageas
Tim Marlow

Head of Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Research , Ageas



Session 4

A vision of the future


Future-proofing insurance: a strategic overview

Quick-fire case studies

In this session, delegates will get to explore new realms of connectivity with four boundary-pushing case studies. Be inspired by the positive impact of connected technology and learn how these new innovations will revolutionise the world of insurance.

Case study 2 | Pluto

Hassle-free insurance

Using chatbots to create easy-to-understand insurance

Harry Williams
Harry Williams

Co-founder , Pluto

Case study 1 | HealthyHealth

Preventative healthcare

Building a preventative healthcare system for customers through enhanced data collection


Luca Schnettler
Luca Schnettler

Founder and Chief Executive Officer , HealthyHealth

Case study 3 | ThingCo

Curbing dangerous driving

Changing customer behaviour in real time using voice technology.

Michael Brockman, Insure-the-Box
Mike Brockman – ThingCo

Chief Executive Officer, Insure The Box

Case study 4 | LVLFi

The gamification of exercise

Developing a game that helps players to adopt a healthier lifestyle

Alex Devoto
Alex Devoto

Founder , LVLFi


Chair's closing remarks followed by drinks reception


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