The Future of Utilities Report 2019

The future of utilities…

From reinventing traditional customer journeys, to transforming the maintenance strategies for network infrastructure, the utilities industry is ripe for disruption.

Astute companies will welcome the challenge, recognising that the rise of game-changing technologies presents an opportunity, and a need to transform the way they do business.

In order to remain relevant, utilities need to choose what status they want to adopt – to lead disruption, to better previous examples or to fully transform into a different entity.

The latest version of the Future of Utilities Report has been constructed to depict this transformation and better understand how competing forces will continue to disrupt the industry – revealing crucial insights that cannot be ignored.

What you will learn:

  • The scope of potential industry change
  • How to cope, and compete, with the rise of new digital propositions
  • What the true potential of sensor data is
  • Best practice strategies in digital transformation
  • The way AI is forever changing the utilities customer relationship