SMETS1 Migration: A Guide for DCC Users

Seb Fox

In December, after years of speculation, the DCC finally succeeded in providing a proof of viability for SMETS1 integration into the DCC. The migration process should start towards the end of May with the next wave expected later in September 2019.

This is a move that the energy industry is welcoming with open arms because it means that a wider bank of smart meters will be providing real-time information to energy suppliers which could be the key that unlocks wider innovations in the industry, including Time-of-Use Tariffs. It also serves to protect investments in the energy industry by avoiding things like stranded assets.

The DCC have launched a guide to help its users understand how to prepare for migration of SMETS1 meters and what their part to play is. The 74-page document designed to be a plain English summation step by step instruction manual for active & dormant suppliers, network operators, registered supplier agents, other users and geeks which is a robust guide for this point in the migration timeline.

However, the history of the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) is chequered by missed deadlines – will SMETS1 integration will be another chapter to that story? Will the actual migration timeline stay on track, or will we continue to encounter further frustrations?

Seb Fox

Sector Manager – Utilities

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