Shake-up for United Utilities’ maintenance contracts

Seb Fox

United Utilities announced that it will be contracting seven different parties to deliver its wastewater maintenance over the next six-years, a decision which marks a move away from its traditional dependence upon a single supplier.

 Amey Utility Services has provided the maintenance for United Utilities’ wastewater services for the past nine years, but the company will now be working with a wider range of suppliers in addition to Amey, including Morrison Utility Services, Sapphire Utility Solutions and T&K Gallagher.

 Kevin Fowlie, Network Delivery Director at United Utilities, cites a developing focus to consider all maintenance activities from an end-to-end perspective in order to improve customer experience and maintain the highest standards of health and safety. This change in tactic comes as part of its pursuit of greater innovation to raise standards within the industry.

 With United Utilities shaking things up, will we see other companies following suit? Who will come out on top as other networks lock in their long-term contracts? Companies across electricity, gas and water are currently making their strategic decisions about investing in technology to enhance their asset maintenance so that they can deliver an outstanding service while balancing system cost. A break in traditional contracts being awarded means that it’s all to play for as the industry undergoes a shift in pace. 


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Seb Fox

Sector Manager – Utilities

Seb Fox is the sector manager for our Future of Utilities portfolio. He keeps an eye on industry developments, hot topics, and puts together our conference agendas. He’s been with the company for nearly a year, having recently graduated from Mansfield College, University of Oxford.

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