Revolutionise your Asset Performance

Learn how to put your data to work

In this TV panel, learn how the industry is undertaking a step-change in asset management, transforming the operational challenge into an opportunity

The panel discusses:

  • Which aspects of asset management have the greatest scope to be transformed by technology?
  • How can the industry best take advantage of the new influx of sensor data?
  • Making sense of information to develop informed maintenance decisions
  • Moving from reactive to proactive: using real-time analytics to improve asset management
  • How can smart asset management transform incident response?
  • Communicating benefits to stakeholders: what are the most compelling advantages to analytical capacity?

Dr Iliana Portugues, Head of Innovation, National Grid Electricity Transmission Owner

Dan Wilson, Asset Data Manager, Electricity North West

Terry Saunders, Worldwide Utilities Industry Leader, IBM Watson IoT

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