Must-See Discussions

Strategic priorities in a changing world: sharing plans across the industry

Suleman Alli, Director of Strategy, UK Power Networks
Kerry Maisey, Director of Smart Integration and Business Readiness, Drax Power
Rebecca Sedler, Director of I&C, EDF Energy
Tom Pakenham, Director of Electric Vehicles, Kaluza

Redesigning business models to be resilient to the disruption ahead

Belinda Moore, Director of Marketing and Communications, E.ON UK
Kevin Stoker, Chief Executive Officer, Twenty Energy
Bram Van Der Wal, Head of Strategic Marketing Development International, innogy SE
Tikendra Dewan, Chief Executive Officer, GnERGY
Neil Barnes, Deputy Director, Ofgem

Keeping up with the tech giants: creating frictionless experiences

Bill Bullen, Chief Executive Officer, Utilita Energy
Pamela Conway, Digital Director, Drax Retail
Jon Paull, Operations Director, Octopus Energy
Filomena La Porta, Head of Data Analytics, Reporting & CRM, EDF Energy

Adapting the system to changes in the way energy is produced and consumed

Amit Oza, Managing Director, BELECTRIC
Ben Godfrey, Network Strategy Team Manager, Western Power Distribution
Lily Frencham, Senior Policy Manager, Association for Decentralised Energy
Mark Turrell, Director, Capitas Finance
Rona Mitchell, Innovation Engineer, UK Power Networks

The role of grids in meeting the 2030 renewable heat and transport targets

Mark Meyrick, Head of Smart Grids, Ecotricity
Sally Fenton, Head of Smart Energy Innovation, BEIS
Karl Anders, Managing Director, eMobility, innogy
Rainer Bachmann, Head of Platforms & Operations, E-Mobility, E.ON
Pedro Marques, Commercial Deputy Director, EDP

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New directions in the energy market: smart retail, grids and metering

FOU Smart Energy 2019