Future of Utilities unites leading industry professionals to help shape the future of the utilities industry.

Through our series of digital content and events, including webinars, reports, roundtables and conferences, we deliver the necessary thought leadership, shared experiences and networking opportunities to prepare for, and determine, the future of utilities.

Upcoming webinars


Keeping the lights on through periods of high demand and volatility


Against the backdrop of social and political uncertainty, the energy industry is under pressure to provide reliable services to their customers, while also safeguarding their internal resources. Operational agility is paramount to ensuring that fluctuating demands on resources and staff are met, and technology is proving instrumental in delivering the necessary changes to alleviate those pressures.

Join this webinar to understand the different approaches companies are taking, and how AI and Cloud technologies are enabling the agility necessary to adapt to disruption of any scale. Broadcast 21 May at 3pm BST.


Transforming strategies in the new energy landscape


As the role of energy suppliers evolves, with suppliers offering non-commodity products such as Insurance, EV and Connected Home, retailers are landing customers with faster quote-to-contract turnarounds and then keeping them with packages that optimise commercial customers’ resource portfolios.

This webinar explores how to more quickly and easily put new offerings in front of energy customers at all stages of customer experience, using a well-integrated digital platform designed to sharpen retail suppliers’ competitive advantage.


Harnessing the power of IoT and analytics, for safer and smarter mobility


Over the last few years, we have seen companies, cities and countries move towards the mass digitalisation of their services and IoT is at the core of this. IoT has the ability to transform lives and fundamentally change the way we do business and these transformative qualities are gearing us towards both a safer and smarter mobility. 

Sign up to watch a panel of industry experts delve into how you can be using IoT to navigate the complexities of big data, manage it safely and start making real business transformations in the digital era.

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The Future of Utilities Report 2020


Now in its second year, the survey-based Future of Utilities Report provides a strategic overview of the most pressing issues facing the utilities industry at this time. With fundamental challenges and great opportunities ahead, this report provides a snapshot of an industry on the cusp of huge transformational change.

The report is out now and available for download, so get your free copy now!

Upcoming Events

Future of Utilities Summit 2020


Join us on 30 November – 1 December at etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate in London at Future of Utilities Summit.

Future of Utilities Summit brings top-level energy and water executives together to transform business models and adapt to the disruption in the market. Learn from board-level executives from EDF Energy, Thames Water and SP Energy Networks, and join senior representatives from every important industry player to exchange ideas, raise your profile, unlock solutions and accelerate industry change.

UK Advisory Board

Heidi Mottram CBE, Northumbrian Water | Future of Utilities

Heidi Mottram CBE

Chief Executive Officer, Northumbrian Water

Basil Scarsella, UK Power Networks | Future of Utilities

Basil Scarsella

Chief Executive Officer, UK Power Networks

Ben Newby, Bristol Water | Future of Utilities

Ben Newby

Chief Customer Officer, Bristol Water

Nicola Smith, Clear Business Water | Future of Utilities

Nicola Smith

Chief Commercial Officer, Clear Business Water

David Elliott, Wessex Water | Future of Utilities

David Elliott

Group Chief Innovation Officer, Wessex Water

Chris Thewlis, npower | Future of Utilities

Chris Thewlis

Chief Operating Officer, npower

Kristinn Mason, Severn Trent | Future of Utilities

Kristinn Mason

Chief Economist, Severn Trent Water

Angela Needle, Cadent Gas | Future of Utilities

Dr. Angela Needle

Director of Strategy, Cadent Gas

Mark Rough, SSEN | Future of Utilities

Mark Rough

Director of Customer Operations, SSEN

Kerry Maisey, Drax Group | Future of Utilities

Kerry Maisey

Head of Smart Integration, Drax Group

Matthew Roderick, n3rgy | Future of Utilities

Matthew Roderick

Chief Executive Officer, n3rgy

Joanne Smalley, London Power | Future of Utilities

Joanne Smalley

Marketing Advisor, London Power