Resolving the personalisation-privacy paradox

Building trust through analytical excellence

Customers are increasingly concerned about data privacy and yet expect personalised offerings and experiences. Are you one of the many companies struggling to find the balance between the two?

The panel discusses:

  • How consumers’ privacy attitudes are likely evolve as they gain greater control over their personal data?
  • What are likely to be the catalysts for consumers gaining a better understanding both of the value of their data and the benefits of allowing it to be analysed? How will attitudes vary between digital immigrants and digital natives?
  • Predicting the emergence of business-customer data trading and what customers will want in exchange for their data
  • How behavioural and contextual analytics and real-time decisioning can be used to deliver personalisation benefits compelling enough to outweigh data privacy concerns?
  • What opportunities are open banking, natural language interfaces and the proliferation of connected devices creating and how can these be exploited most effectively?
  • Gently, gently – how can personalisation be gradually honed as the consumer’s trust grows?
  • Understanding why willingly shared customer data is so valuable

Hear from the expert panel:

Eddie Short, Director of Data, Insights and Analytics, O2

Paul de Laat, Group Customer Insight Director, British Gas

Martin Squires, Director of Advanced Analytics, Pets at Home

Manuel Tönz, Customer Experience Advisor, SAS Switzerland

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