Future of the Contact Centre

The march of the virtual agents – delivering the ultimate self-service experience












In conversation with

Taking chatbots to a new level: understanding the full potential of the virtual assistant

Tobias Hinterthür, Head of Smart Home Innovation Lab, Zurich
Michael Conway, Associate Partner | AI Practice Leader, IBM

Srini Janarthanam, 
AI Technology Analyst, Royal Bank of Scotland
Karolin Nakonz, 
Partner, Automation Practice Leader, UK & Ireland, IBM

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This interview features:
Jorg-Tobias Hinterthürf, Head of Smart Home Innovation Lab at Zurich
Rebecca Henderson, Cora Lead – Future Initiative at Natwest

A new paradigm of customer contact: unlocking the potential of virtual agents

Broadcasting live on 1 December at 3pm GMT


  • Aldo Agostinelli, Digital Officer, Sky Italia
  • Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, BT
  • Ozlem Williams, Senior Product Designer in UX & Design, Babylon Health
  • Michael Conway, Associate Partner | AI Practice Leader, IBM

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