18 May 2020 | Business Design Centre, London

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With a market set to be worth $127 billion by 2024, the impact of voice technology is just starting to be realised in customers’ lives. Providing frictionless interactions, voice ic creating an unrivalled opportunity for closer and more personal connections with the customer, and is allowing organisations to establish even greater brand engagement. 

voice. will focus on the emergence of voice technology in the commercial world. Providing practical, take-home advice in the form of case studies, development stories and panel discussion – attend this conference to understand how your company can benefit from voice technology and to gain the tools you need to turn your ideas into realities. 

Why Attend?

Understand how the latest developments in voice technology to give you a window into how your customer experience will be revolutionised. 

Learn lessons from the giants dominating the voice sphere – be it Alexa, Google Assistant or Cortana – hear from the inside how they think voice will change it all

Find out how to get personalisation right as a new wave of data analytics opens new doors to customer insights

Network with leaders across multiple sectors and discover the blueprint for transforming your business

2019 speakers.

David Low, BBC, Connected Customer Summit

David Low

Executive Product Manager, Voice + AI, BBC

Alice Zimmermann, Google, Connected Customer Summit

Alice Zimmerman

UK Lead Strategic Partnerships - Google Assistant, Google

John Sullivan, Virgin Trains, Connected Customer Summit

John Sullivan

Chief Information Officer and Project Manager, Virgin Trains

Ben Sauer, Babylon Health, Connected Customer Summit

Ben Sauer

Director, Conversation Interfaces, Babylon Health

Chris Sheldrick, What3words, Connected Customer Summit

Chris Sheldrick - What3words

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, What3Words

James Poulter, Vixen Labs, Connected Customer Summit

James Poulter

Chief Executive Officer, Vixen Labs

Sina Kahen, Vaice, Connected Customer Summit

Sina Kahen

Head of Strategy and Design , Vaice

Kane Simms, VUX World, Connected Customer Summit

Kane Simms

Founder, VUX World


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Day 1


Welcome address and Chair's opening remarks

Session 1

A new age of connection emerges

Keynote address

Defining your strategy in an interconnected world

Keynote address

Embracing the next generation of customers

Keynote address

Voice assistants: entering a new paradigm of engagement

Panel discussion

Embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution: where technology and customer journeys meet

  • What are the impactful ways in which technology is transforming interactions with customers?
  • To what extent do IoT and advanced analytics hail a new era of connected convenience?
  • From AI to VR/AR: in a world of emerging technologies, where should organisations place their bets?
  • The customer perspective: are brands as digitally savvy as they think they are?
  • Will the customer of the future ultimately want more or less human interaction?
  • Exploring the strategies to achieve the right balance between the human and digital?

Session 2

Laying the foundations for success

Keynote address

Lessons in the here and now: actionable voice strategies for today and tomorrow


Creating excellent conversational experiences

  • What are the success factors in launching conversational apps and skills?
  • Just a voice? Establishing a brand on a brand-new platform
  • What are the positives and negatives of creating a persona in voice experiences?
  • Standing out from the crowd: strategies for creating a distinct voice experience

Panel discussion

Defining your voice strategy

  • What are the most exciting opportunities that conversational interfaces present?
  • How can brands adapt their core products to thrive on the medium of voice?
  • Jumping in feet first: demonstrating actionable benefits and securing board buy-in
  • How quickly can ROI be expected from voice skills?
  • Encouraging uptake in an emerging market: making your skill stand out
  • Just another platform? Using voice to complement existing channels
  • What use cases will emerge as the technology matures?
  • How can voice be integrated into the omni-channel experience?

Session 3

Conversational AI in action

Case study | Marriott Hotels

From audible to tangible: bringing voice-first thinking into physical spaces

In 2018, Marriott decided to install Echo devices in guests’ rooms to serve as a hub for information and entertainment, enabling guests to customise their experience and seamlessly access the hotel’s services. Importantly, it proved to be a reliable first port of call for customer support, providing answers to the most recurring questions and handling simple requests.


Case Study | KLM

Adding a personality to your bot

When KLM created BB the BlueBot, they wanted the bot to capture the tenets of KLM’s service – reliable, helpful, but also a bit cheeky. KLM worked to create a bot that would help bolster customers’ excitement around their upcoming flights whilst still maintaining truly professional standards throughout interactions.


Case study | Shell

Reducing complex inventory searches to one simple chatbot interaction

LubeChat is Shell’s online B2B chatbot that is designed to give users around the world easy, real-time access to product support, technical services and lubricant data. Over the past year it has proven itself to be a crucial tool in the hands of Shell’s clients reducing a long catalogue search to a simple and personalised browsing experience.

Case Study | Alexa

Taking Alexa out for a ride

Pursuing the vision of bringing voice enabled control to customers on the go, Audi has successfully integrated Alexa into their latest vehicles allowing customers to play music, locate points of interest, control smart home devices, and access thousands of Alexa skills from the comfort of their car.

Q&A panel discussion

Session 4

Building momentum for an emerging technology

Keynote address

Understanding audio’s renaissance

Panel discussion

Breaking past the barriers to mass adoption

  • Getting over the fear: what are the solutions to concerns around privacy and trust in voice?
  • Alexa doesn’t understand me – how can datasets be made rich enough to enable voice to serve the majority of the population?
  • Open innovation vs truly open source innovation: how is the market likely to develop?
  • To what extent can innovation be pursued entirely independently from the tech giants?
  • Voice interoperability: interacting with multiple voice assistants through one device
  • What are the surrounding technologies that can propel voice further?



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