18 May 2020 | Business Design Centre, London

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We’ve ripped up the rule book on what customer conferences should be. When Amazon revolutionised e-commerce, they were thinking about the next thirty years of business, not tomorrow’s problems – so why should you?


We’re not looking at today’s limitations and we’re not here to plaster the holes in your current CX; but show you how to reinvent your customer strategy to enact actual, fundamental change – not just for today, but for the next thirty years.

why attend?

Find out how to get personalisation right as a new wave of data analytics opens new doors to customer insights

Learn how to create authentic and immersive interactions that will place your brand at the forefront of the experience economy

Capitalise on a world of connection through the power of platforms and ecosystems

Discover how brands can go beyond transactional relationships and make the most of how they are identified by customers

2019 speakers.

Geraldine de Boisse, Bulb, Connected Customer Summit

Geraldine de Boisse

Chief Product Officer, Bulb

Danelle Williams, Hilton, Connected Customer Summit

Danelle Williams

Senior Director, Global Loyalty Platforms, Hilton Hotels

Gayathri Sudhakaran, Connected Customer Summit, LV=

Gayathri Sudhakaran

Director, Digital Product Innovation, LV=

Helen Baynes, Cult Beauty, Connected Customer Summit

Helen Baynes

Director, Customer Experience, Cult Beauty

Nicola Millard, BT, Connected Customer Summit

Nicola Millard

Head of Customer Futures and Insights, BT

Graham Johnston, 3, Connected Customer summit

Graham Johnson

Head of Omnichannel and Digital First, Three

Lee Shelton, Curzon Cinemas, Connected Customer Summit

Lee Shelton

Group Head of Digital Marketing, Curzon Cinemas

Jason Maude, Starling Bank, Connected Customer Summit

Jason Maude

Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank


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Day 1


Welcome address and chair’s opening remarks

Session 1

A new age of connection emerges

Keynote address

Defining your strategy in an interconnected world

Keynote address

Embracing the next generation of customers

Keynote address

Voice assistants: entering a new paradigm of engagement

Panel discussion

Embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution: where technology and customer journeys meet

  • What are the impactful ways in which technology is transforming interactions with customers?
  • To what extent do IoT and advanced analytics hail a new era of connected convenience?
  • From AI to VR/AR: in a world of emerging technologies, where should organisations place their bets?
  • The customer perspective: are brands as digitally savvy as they think they are?
  • Will the customer of the future ultimately want more or less human interaction?
  • Exploring the strategies to achieve the right balance between the human and digital?

Session 2

The experience economy: exploring new paths to customer connection


My brand, my identity: deepening the brand-customer relationship

  • Capitalising on the increasing role brands play in personal identity
  • Riding the waves of opinion within demographics – picking your issue
  • Deepening brand buy-in: creating opportunities to allow customers to contribute
  • Converting influencers and micro-influencers into brand ambassadors

Case Study | Empowering fans through gamification

Empowering fans through gamification

Having completed partnerships with the likes of Juventus, PSG, West Ham and even e-sports team OG, Socios envisions a world in which fans take control over the sports brands they love. Through an app, customer acquire voting rights to influence decisions, participate in competitions and engage in games surrounding their favourite brands.

Panel discussion

Creating authentic and immersive experiences

  • How are new brand experiences transforming customer expectations?
  • Turning transactional interactions into meaningful relationships
  • From product design thinking to experience design thinking
  • What is the secret in convincing customers to spend time with your brand?
  • Creating a brand that taps into all five senses
  • To what extent can experiences encourage word of mouth and social media advocacy?

Session 3

A new era of personalisation


Data-driven convenience: the secret weapon in the battle for the customer

  • How has digital connectivity made customers more likely to switch services?
  • Leveraging big data and advanced analytics to automate decision making for the customer
  • Taking a minimalistic approach to convenience: saving the customer time, effort and money at the click of a button
  • Identifying what customers determine to be convenient and ensuring pain points are eliminated


The power of predictive analytics: getting one step ahead

  • Revealing customer needs before they even know it
  • Implementing real-time customer feedback to achieve better predictions
  • Avoiding punts: the art of getting predictions right?
  • What are the risks of predictive suggestions becoming ‘creepy’ to the customer?

Panel discussion

Hyper-relevance: the next frontier in personalisation

  • Moving beyond traditional segmentation to recognising customers as the unique individuals they are
  • Why is segmentation no longer enough?
  • What are the best strategies for providing contextually-relevant experiences?
  • Unlocking the benefits of building intimate relationships with customers
  • Incorporating customer’s desire for choice in your hyper-relevant strategy
  • Avoiding the dangers of ‘over-personalisation’

Session 4

The rise of platforms and ecosystems: disrupting traditional models

Keynote address

Customer experience in the platform economy: a vision of the future

Panel discussion

Triumphing in a partnership-driven era

  • A brave new world: how will partnership ecosystems evolve?
  • Capitalising on platform-based interactions to provide more personalised, data-driven experiences
  • Avoiding protectionism: encouraging an open business mentality in line with the expectations of the connected customer
  • What are the critical factors to consider in developing your API strategy?
  • What makes a healthy ecosystem? How to enable ecosystem components to shine?
  • Moving from push to pull: adapting to a new marketing paradigm



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