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COVID-19 Digital Acceleration: 

Has customer experience changed for the long term? 


June 9 & 10 2020 | Hosted in our Online Boardrooms 

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating uptake of digital technologies that reduce human-to-human and physical contact, automate processes and facilitate remote interaction.

Chatbots, voice-activation, contactless payments via mobile wallets, healthcare robots, delivery drones, 5G, virtual/augmented/extended reality and data-driven advice delivered to mobiles are just some of the examples.

Presenting an invitation-only online event that will bring together a small group of senior strategists, CX and digital experts from across a range of consumer-facing industries to explore the longer-term implications of this digital acceleration.

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the discussion.

To what extent and how COVID-19 is likely to permanently change consumer behaviour and psychology

Where consumer technology uptake is now heading and how fast

How major brands are likely to feed these changes into their channel and customer experience strategies


Susanne Jones

Exec Partner, Customer Engagement and Design, Digital Strategy and iXIBM

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Susanne Jones, IBM | Connected Customer
Susanne Jones

Exec Partner, Customer Engagement and Design, Digital Strategy and iX


Susanne has 20 plus years in global digital marketing, products and services working with clients across sectors and industries. She leads the Customer Engagement & Design practice at IBM UK & Ireland, which includes capabilities such as accelerated visioning, experience design, experience management, and digital products, platforms and services. Susanne is also the lead global digital partner for one of IBM’s elite integrated accounts.


James Neophytou

Exec Partner, Practice Lead, Intelligent Connected Operations, UK & IrelandIBM

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James Neophytou, IBM | Connected Customer
James Neophytou

Exec Partner, Practice Lead, Intelligent Connected Operations, UK & Ireland


James Neophytou works with clients to increase revenue from asset utilisation and increased “uptime”. He leads the Intelligent Connected Operations practice at IBM UK & Ireland, covering Asset Lifecycle Management, Predictive Analytics and the Internet of Things. He has been with IBM for 23 years, and worked in 28 countries, across several asset intensive industries.

Chris Crespo

Former Chief FuturistNordea

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Chris Crespo

Former Chief Futurist



June 9 at 11am BST or June 10 at 3pm BST
90 minutes each 

• Enter the Online Boardroom via Zoom
• Introduction to the event

Susanne Jones, Exec Partner, Customer Engagement and Design, Digital Strategy and iX, IBM
James Neophytou, Exec Partner, Practice Lead, Intelligent Connected Operations, UK & Ireland, IBM

• Introductions
• Planning for the “new normal”: charting the next phase of customer experience transformation

Chris Crespo, Former Chief Futurist, Nordea

• Discussion led by IBM 
  • From chatbots to voice to video conferencing: what digital engagement channels been given a lasting boost by Covid-19 disruption?
  • From self-service to drones to robots – to what extent has experience of social distancing changed consumer preferences and what new opportunities has this created?
  • Will increased remote working outlast lockdowns and how will this affect the rate of uptake of its supporting technologies? What new service opportunities might the post lockdown working environment spawn?
  • The data privacy challenge – have fears of “Big Brother” escalated and what new opportunities are there to counteract those fears with personalisation or other benefits?
  • What is the likely role of virtual, augmented and extended reality in the “new normal”? Will there be a longer-term demand for richer and more immersive online experiences, and, if so, how will those newly enhanced experiences fit into the future channel mix?
  • As budgets come under pressure, what are the CX investments companies can make now for future benefit to both their top and bottom lines?
• Closing remarks

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This roundtable discussion is designed for senior executives in digital, strategy, customer insight functions from leading consumer-focused organisations.

Fill in this short form if you meet the above criteria and would like to participate in the discussion on 9 June 2020. All invitation requests will be vetted and approved (or declined) by the organiser.

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