18 May 2020 | Business Design Centre, London

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Contact discusses the latest in contact centre strategy and technology propelling customer service into the future.

Discover how to empower your agents in becoming ticket resolving magicians, uncover the impacts of AI, automation and data analytics on productivity and realise the transition towards a customer focused experience centre.

Why Attend?

Make the most of your customer insights by unravelling the data centre hidden with the contact centre

Discover how to navigate the puzzling world of chatbot technology and how it will best impact contact centres

Seek the right balance between human and AI strategies and their implications on customer service


Find out how AI is transforming contact routing and suggesting next best actions for contact centre agents

2019 speakers.

Geraldine de Boisse, Bulb, Connected Customer Summit

Geraldine de Boisse

Chief Product Officer, Bulb

Danelle Williams, Hilton, Connected Customer Summit

Danelle Williams

Senior Director, Global Loyalty Platforms, Hilton Hotels

Gayathri Sudhakaran, Connected Customer Summit, LV=

Gayathri Sudhakaran

Director, Digital Product Innovation, LV=

Helen Baynes, Cult Beauty, Connected Customer Summit

Helen Baynes

Director, Customer Experience, Cult Beauty

Nicola Millard, BT, Connected Customer Summit

Nicola Millard

Head of Customer Futures and Insights, BT

Graham Johnston, 3, Connected Customer summit

Graham Johnson

Head of Omnichannel and Digital First, Three

Lee Shelton, Curzon Cinemas, Connected Customer Summit

Lee Shelton

Group Head of Digital Marketing, Curzon Cinemas

Jason Maude, Starling Bank, Connected Customer Summit

Jason Maude

Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank


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Day 1


Welcome address and chair’s opening remarks

Session 1

A new age of connection emerges

Keynote address

Defining your strategy in an interconnected world

Keynote address

Embracing the next generation of customers

Keynote address

Voice assistants: entering a new paradigm of engagement

Panel discussion

Embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution: where technology and customer journeys meet

  • What are the impactful ways in which technology is transforming interactions with customers?
  • To what extent do IoT and advanced analytics hail a new era of connected convenience?
  • From AI to VR/AR: in a world of emerging technologies, where should organisations place their bets?
  • The customer perspective: are brands as digitally savvy as they think they are?
  • Will the customer of the future ultimately want more or less human interaction?
  • Exploring the strategies to achieve the right balance between the human and digital?

Session 2

The artificially-intelligent contact centre


The chatbots have arrived: how are contact centres embracing the technology?

  • Understanding chatbot use cases and how they fit in current business models
  • How do different demographics react to chatbots?
  • What is the potential of voice technology to boost chatbot uptake?
  • Humanising the chatbot: identifying and incorporating natural conversation styles


Case study | RBS

Taking your chatbot from a support role to a personal role

Having witnessed the transformative power of chatbot technology in responding to customer queries, RBS developed Cora, its in-house virtual agent. Despite starting as a contact centre extension, Cora’s journey has only just started as it develops to become a crucial tool in the financial lives of the bank’s customers.

Panel discussion

Where will the balance between human and digital lie?

  • How are advances in automation redefining the role of the human agent?
  • Determining the point of switch-over from bot to human: strategies for natural transitions
  • Voice of the employee vs voice of the chatbot: which will report superior feedback?
  • How can voice technology be used to simulate the human touch in customer service?
  • How far can AI automation go: should complete automation be the end goal?

Session 3

The data and analytics revolution: supercharging customer contact


Intelligent contact routing: the role of AI

  • From ‘press one for service’ to ‘how can we help?’: how is IVR evolving?
  • Directing customers to the right channels – a more sophisticated approach
  • Leveraging contextual and behavioural data to provide a more personalised service from the outset


The power of ‘next best action’

  • How real-time customer insights can boost agent effectiveness
  • Utilising data analytics to deliver surprising levels of customer care
  • Artificial emotional intelligence: using AI to pick up emotional signals
  • Striking the right balance between human autonomy and AI-driven guidance

Panel discussion

Harnessing contact centre data

  • Are contact centres really capturing all the data they can across all channels?
  • Should natural language processing technology listen to all interactions whether human or automated?
  • Identifying hidden patterns in your contact centre data
  • How can agents and AI reach actionable conclusions from interaction data?
  • Leveraging real-time analytics to enhance both agent and customer experiences

Session 4

Envisaging the contact centre of the future

Keynote address

From call centre to contact centre to experience centre

Panel discussion

Unleashing the hidden potential within contact centres

  • Placing contact centres at the forefront of the customer journey strategy
  • A merger of forces: bringing customer support and marketing together behind the brand
  • Are contact centres processing and sharing their customer insights sufficiently?
  • From cost centre to profit centre: taking advantage of direct contact to make sales
  • How to take agents from being problem solvers to brand ambassadors
  • Beyond meeting and exceeding expectations: creating a customer experience that delights



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