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Working collaboratively to enable increasingly connected transport

When it comes to connected transport, Carmel warns against rushing ahead to the oft-discussed car-sharing and mobility as a service model, arguing instead that we must be confident in getting the basics right first.

How can the rail industry successfully resolve the discrepancy in thinking on the customer journey between carriers and passengers? Carmel Roche, Head of Mobile at SilverRail Technologies, highlights the critical difference between a station to station and a door to door outlook, and assesses the implications particularly considering the lamentable lack of standardisation within ticketing modes. Can technology alone solve this challenge? And is the rail industry ready to engage with commercial technology firms offering innovative solutions? It is generally agreed that increased investment is required but where does this responsibility lie?

Carmel Roche SilverRail

Carmel Roche

Head of Mobile, SilverRail

Carmel Roche is Head of Mobile at SilverRail, where she leads a team of mobile experts to help develop an industry-first account based travel app for rail. Carmel will bring her experience in developing innovative solutions to her presentation on ticketless rail travel.