Learning lessons as we look to the next control period – what can be achieved?

Richard Rowland

Accelerate: Rail 2018 – As the industry begins to look towards CP6, it is important to reflect upon the lessons learnt in CP5 in order to improve the effectiveness of control periods for both train operating companies and passengers. Richard Rowland, Customer Service & Transformation Director at Great Western, highlights the failures of CP5 which must be addressed moving forwards, including most notably scrapped electrification plans. In order to capitalise on the benefits which new rolling stock bring for customers, Network Rail plans as laid out in CP5 must be completed, and receive the necessary funding. Is the mechanism of control periods still the best way to manage investment in rail infrastructure?


Richard Rowland Great Western Railway

Richard Rowland

Customer Service and Transformation Director, Great Western Railway

Richard Rowland is the Customer Service and Transformation Director at Great Western Railway. As part of his role, he leads projects on transforming customer experience as well as accommodates the work required to deliver the infrastructure enhancements. Richard will bring his years of experience to our fireside chat focused on cementing customer centricity.